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    **some Highend Pc Ft Like To Get Some Deals Done

    Ok im putting these up FT these are some of my high end and PC pieces and I will take offers. As always looking for rare Jay Cutler stuff, also HOFer autos that are on card.

    2000 Donruss Hawaii Dual Signatures Peyton Manning Dan Marino dual auto 4/10 the one /40 books $500 this being /10 i obviously want more but will listen to offers

    2006 Absolute memorabilia RPM Spetrum Vince Young auto/jsy/ball/jsy /50 bv $300 last 2 sold for over and around book, some come large

    2004 Playoff Contenders Tatum Bell auto SP bv $100

    2004 Topps Rookie Premiere Reggie Williams auto BV $120

    2003 Contenders MVP Contenders Brett Favre auto /25 bv $300

    2005 Leaf Limited Contenders Preview Ticket Marion Barber auto /25 BV $100 but hes a stud I need something special

    2006 Contenders Jay Cutler SP bv $350 I have no problems keeping this thought id take offers

  2. Kronozio
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    probly dont have anything but please check my site for the Young

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    i like the manning and gordie trilogy auto just not for the vince i dont think if you see anything else especially the Howe had one and my son destroyed argh

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    I like your Griffey/Rios AUTO and your Barber Contenders preview. Let me know if we can work somethin out

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    The griffey Rios was just traded for a ripken auto and morneau letterman, the barber is available

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    Darn, i really wanted that Griffey, what is the Ripken auto you traded for?

  8. #7 That one its a nice piece. Let me know you can check my bucket on the remaining value of the Howe I believe it books what $150 correct? Barber is $100

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    Not sure if we talked about it before...but would be be within the same ballpark if I offered Larry Johnson Contenders RC auto for your Cutler/Bell?? I could add something of course to make up the BV difference. I'd also like Chad Johnson/Cutler if we could work that out. Let me know. Thanks!

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    I dont think i want to trade the howe for the Barber, would you consider trading the ripken when you get it?

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