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    Cool National Treasures Sinorice Moss PC pickup

    Man I am loving the products this year, I just picked up a few Bears and Sinorice Moss inserts, autos gu's from Triple Threads and National Treasures. These cards look sick. So far the only one I have recieved is my National Treasures Sinorice Moss auto 9/15 which I have uploaded here.

    Definatly going to buy some boxes of Triple threads and maybe a box of treasures if I can remember to save some money.

  2. Kronozio
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    sweet sinorice card been trying to get one off ebay won 1 but got scammed by seller so now everytime i see a moss auto i cringe nice pickup take care steve

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    Nice card, I got a Maroney Auto patch from National treasures!!

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    I love the design on these. I may be picking up alot more on the bay. I just cant see breaking high end boxes when the singles are so much better. IMO

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