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    2 Crappy breaks- Contenders and Classics

    Well, I am done buying boxes, at least for a while. I will wait for the 2007 stuff to come out. Looking to offload everything here, except the stuff I marked PC.

    Contenders first
    I havent seen a good box of these yet, and mine is NO exception

    Dusty Dvoracek (horrible looking auto)
    Nate Salley (horrible looking auto)
    Ingle Martin ( 3 fricking marker strokes on the sticker...)
    Adam Jennings (at least I can make out a letter- I think its a "c"

    #d stuff
    Legendary Contenders Steve Largent /1000
    Draft Class Omar Jacobs/Santonio Holmes /1000
    ROY Contenders Kam Wimbley /1000 (PC)
    Playoff Ticket Rudi Johnson /199
    Award Winners Roger Staubach/Joe Bellino /1000
    Round Numbers Lundy/Hass/Gradkowski/McNeal /100

    ok- at 140 a box, youd think they could A. number the stuff a bit lower- I mean, I dont mind inserts, but stuff /1000 is worth about 2 bucks...B. require that the athletes at least attempt to sign with some effort. I mean, Nate salleys auto is a scribble mark, and Ingle Martin put about 3 marker strokes on the card. Hell, the guys I got never played at all this year, spend that time you arent playing and sign the damn stickers a little bit nicer...

    On to the next box. One PC card saved this from being an awful break

    Donruss Classics

    Warrick Dunn Membership Jersey /250
    Cedric Griffin RC Auto /599
    Clyde Bulldog Turner Legendary Players 2 Color Patch /25 (PC)

    The rest of the crap
    Terrell Owens Membership /1000
    John Unitas Legendary Players #d 1/100- ok, kinda decent
    Braylon Edwards Membership /250
    John Unitas Legendary Players /1000
    Michael Robinson RC /1499
    Tom Brady Monday Night Heroes /1000
    Reggie McNeal RC /1499
    Herm Edwards Legends /1000
    Ronnie Lott Classic Singles /250
    Kurt Warner Timeless Tributes /100
    Jevon Kearse Saturday Stars /1000
    Jeff Webb Timeless Tributes RC /50
    Thomas Jones Sundays Best /1000
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    They should do better on the product, Ive heard the same thing from other people on the Playoff. You pay good money for the box and then you only get 1/2 of what the box is worth. sorry for the bad luck, I have a box of 2006 Bowman Chrome coming keeping my fingers crossed.

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    I'm interested in these:

    Round Numbers Lundy/Hass/Gradkowski/McNeal /100

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    interested in this

    Dusty Dvoracek (horrible looking auto)

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    Ray- Im figuring about 20 bv on each, since none are SPs. I like these from your list, LMK what we can do. Thanks

    Troy Aikman auto ( i know I probably cant get this)
    1970 Topps John Unitas
    Fred Biletnikoff Jersey

    the 1966 Topps Dick Butkus is actually a 1966 Philadelphia brand Dick Butkus, so you know
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    pm me about a traid on this....John Unitas Legendary Players #d 1/100

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    Cedric Griffin RC Auto /599 $12

    Don't have much in football autos/gu but have basketball autos/gu. Check my sites.

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    Ray- well, the stuff I listed was all I needed, and I probably wont trade any of the autos for just the biletnikoff, so I will pass for now, thanks

    Renegade- really dont see anything I need, thanks
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