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    Taking offers on some sets ..Have a Look !!!

    Looking at serious Cash Offers & Possible Trade offers on my set of RPM's ..
    The set will not be broken up ,it goes as a set ..
    There is a BV$$ on this set , so please dont come at me with some lame ebay sell value talk ..This is a serious set for a serious collector wanting to put together a complete entire set ..

    This set isnt going for cheap ..
    The effort i have into putting it together ,not to mention the stuff i traded away to get other cards needed to complete this set .

    Only serious Offers please .

    and then i been contemplating this and have decided to stop working on this set
    so im letting all of them go as a group (will not split these up either ) and the same factor as my RPM set is placed on these ...

    I am awaiting 2 more from the bay but as of now they arent part of this group
    (if someone is interested in this group then i might be willing to work something out like a gift when they arrive ,if a deal is reached before they arrive .. if they arrive and theres no deal i will add their BV to the total BV of all the cards in the group )
    i have 27 autos on hand from a 44 card set

    heres the scans

    Please PM me all offers on either set

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