I need $50 paypal for something on ebay, so I'm looking to unload some GU and autos to hopefully take care of it. First $50 paypal takes the lot dlvd w/ DC:

2005 Prime Cuts Eddie Murray Pants/Jsy-Prime Combo #2/25
2004 Donruss Classics Significant Signatures Gary Sheffield Auto #35/50
2003 Donruss Studio Alex Rodriguez BLC Materials GU Batting Practice Jsy
2005 Diamond Kings Carlos Lee Dual GU Jsy & Bat #/25
2005 Leaf Limited Monikers Carlos Lee Auto /50
2005 Turkey Red Miguel Tejada GU Jsy Red Border /99
2005 Turkey Red Mike Lowell GU Jsy
2005 Turkey Red Mark Mulder GU Jsy
2005 Bowman Heritage Bobby Crosby P.O.G. GU Jsy
2006 Turkey Red Carlos Beltran GU Jsy
2006 Turkey Red Brian Roberts GU Jsy
2005 Topps All Star Stitches Mark Buehrle

LMK if interested, thanks!