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Thread: 2006 Topps 1952 Rookies Box

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    2006 Topps 1952 Rookies Box

    Hi I was going to break this live, but computer kept freezing up...Have opened the left side ten and will list the high lights...real quick...

    Mike Piazza Chrome DF C5 507/1952
    Nomar DF
    Dynamic Duos 3 Tigers Zumaya/Verlander
    Dynamic Duos 8 Phillies Coste/Hamels
    Dynamic Duos 6 Twins Garza/Liriano
    Eric Reed Marlins Chrome 1805/1952
    David Gassner Twins Chrome 258/1952
    Yurendell de Caster Pirates Chrome 740/1952

    Yusmeiro Petit Auto Marlins
    Yurendell de Caster Auto Pirates

    Will post the second half...later
    Trying to put the set together...will list wants later.
    Thanks Bob

  2. Kronozio
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    I wouldn't mind trading for these two if they are available. Let me know when your done. Good luck!
    Dynamic Duos 6 Twins Garza/Liriano
    David Gassner Twins Chrome 258/1952

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    Hi The Gassner is available...thinking of putting the DD set together with the base set and hopefully auto set...
    Just picked up a bunch of Aubrey Huff autos and pulled a Kazmir from the Origins...if I don't hear from my Huff guy we can work something out. Bob

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    Very nice pulls on the autos. I just purchased the advanced pricing and was curious to see how you did. Good luck on the set, but I also wanted to let you know that the checklist shows 11 of the autos are going to be redemptions only. I'll keep my eyes out for anything since I want to see a set like this go together and I know how hard it was putting the Turkey Red set together.

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    Hi Thanks for the help...can you cut and paste the pricing on the autos? lmk Bob

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    I can't cut and paste the new release pricing but each has a high BV of $8.00

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    I'd like the Hamels/ Coste if it's up for trade.


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