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    I feel like trading, list inside.........

    Just in the mood to trade possibly, here are some #'d stuff for trade, if you want, check my freewebs site for more, I am updating most of it right now, I'll check back in a while.........

    Allan Houston Flair Showcase Row 1 2591/6000
    Pau Gasol Fleer Shoebox Collection rc 2295/2500
    Mike Dunleavy Jr. UD Generations rc 810/999
    Jared Jeffries Fleer Premium Skylines 561/2500
    03-04 -----
    Dikembe Mutombo Topps Black 198/500
    Marko Jaric Topps Black 279/500
    Chucky Atkins Topps Black 359/500
    Allen Iverson Topps Gold 33/99
    David Robinson Topps Gold 98/99
    James Jones Topps Chrome Black refractor 62/500
    Mickael Pietrus Skybox Autographics rc 865/1500
    Amare Stoudemire Ultimate Collection Ultimate Stars 286/500
    Kirk Hinrich Hoops HP rc 302/1000
    04-05 -----
    Shawn Marion Fleer Tradition Crystal 15/150 & 32/150
    DeShawn Stevenson Fleer Tradition Crystal 130/150
    Zydrunas Ilgauskas Fleer Tradition Crystal 97/150
    Kevin Garnett Fleer Tradition Crystal 83/150
    Corey Maggette Fleer Tradition Crystal 57/150
    Eddy Curry Fleer Tradition Crystal 67/150
    Jarvis Hayes Fleer Tradition Crystal 59/150
    Chris Kaman Topps Black 15/500
    Juan Dixon Topps Black 83/500
    Raul Lopez Topps Black 80/500
    Glenn Robinson Topps Black 131/500
    Tim Thomas Topps Black 295/500
    Mickael Pietrus Topps Black 159/500
    Chris Webber Topps Black 85/500
    Jackson Vroman Topps Chrome Black refractor 237/500
    Gordan Giricek Topps Chrome UNC xfractor 52/110
    David Harrison Topps Chrome rc UNC xfractor 99/110
    Trevor Ariza Topps Chrome Gold refractor 75/99
    Luke Ridnour Bowman Chrome refractor 22/300
    Michael Redd Bowman Chrome refractor 220/300
    Vince Carter Bowman Chrome refractor 270/300
    Sergei Monia Hardcourt rc 472/1999
    David Harrison Hardcourt rc 462/1999
    Steve Francis Hoops 65/100
    Corliss Williamson 17/100
    David Robinson Hoops 1351/1989
    Scottie Pippen Hoops 1832/1989
    Isiah Thomas Hoops 71/1989
    Flair Dynasty Foundations Nets 33/500
    Jahidi White UD AS Collection 43/100
    Jason Kidd Fleer Throwbacks Nostalgia 538/1994
    Yao Ming Fleer Throwbacks Nostalgia 275/2002
    Carlos Boozer Bowman Signature Boxtopper 14/50
    Desmond Mason Bowman Signature 105/169
    Ben Wallace Bowman Signature 11/169
    Chris Webber Bowman Signature 76/169
    Peja Stojakovic Bowman Signature 142/169
    Kenyon Martin Bowman Signature 43/50
    Steve Nash Bowman Signature 30/50
    Justin Reed Bowman Signature Boxtopper rc 7/50
    Damien Wilkins Ultra Draft Day Update 172/375
    Andres Nocioni Ultra Draft Day Update 9/375
    Eddie Jones Finest red xfractor 91/99
    Raul Lopez Ultra Platinum 66/100
    2005 Press Pass---
    Channing Frye 77/100
    Julius Hodge 23/100
    Luther Head 231/500
    Will Bynum 426/500
    Louis Williams 155/500 & 484/500
    05-06 -----
    Topps Finest Draft Pick Redemtion #27 Green Refractor redemption
    Zach Randolph Topps Chrome Gold refractor 28/99
    Shaquille O'Neal Topps Chrome Gold refractor 20/99
    Primoz Brezec Topps Chrome Gold refractor 99/99
    Antonio Daniels Topps Chrome Gold refractor 77/99
    Marc Jackson Topps Chrome Gold refractor 68/99
    Yao Ming Topps Chrome Black refractor 278/399
    Ray Allen Topps Chrome Black refractor 377/399
    Shaun Livingston Topps Chrome Black refractor 226/399
    Stephon Marbury Topps Chrome Black refractor 179/399
    Chris Webber Topps Chrome Black refractor 143/399
    Carmelo Anthony Topps Chrome Black refractor 73/399
    Morris Peterson Topps Chrome Black refractor 36/399
    Jeff McInnis Topps Chrome Black refractor 313/399
    Damon Stoudamire Topps Chrome Black refractor 104/399
    Anthony Fuqua Topps Chrome Black refractor 257/399
    Kenyon Martin Topps Chrome refractor 950/999
    Shaun Livingston Topps Chrome refractor 9/999
    Stephon Marbury Topps Chrome refractor 535/999
    Luke Ridnour Topps Chrome refractor 466/999
    Drew Gooden Topps Chrome refractor 577/999
    Al Jefferson Topps Chrome refractor 706/999
    Tony Allen Topps Chrome refractor 706/999
    Matt Harpring Topps Chrome refractor 824/999
    PJ Brown Topps Chrome refractor 728/999
    Troy Hudson Topps Chrome refractor 460/999
    Morris Peterson Topps Chrome refractor 573/999
    Trevor Ariza Topps Chrome refractor 717/999
    Kirk Snyder Topps Chrome refractor 176/999
    Larry Hughes Topps Chrome refractor 836/999
    Austin Croshere Topps Chrome refractor 538/999 & 668/999
    Kwame Brown Topps Chrome refractor 914/999
    Antonio Daniels Topps Chrome refractor 975/999
    Marko Jaric Topps Chrome refractor 638/999
    Ron Artest Topps Chrome refractor 169/999
    Quentin Richardson Topps Chrome refractor 838/999
    Eddie Jones Topps Chrome refractor 891/999
    Tim Thomas Topps Chrome refractor 587/999
    Chucky Atkins Topps Chrome refractor 552/999
    Jeff Foster Topps Chrome refractor 516/999
    Jamaal Magliore Topps Chrome refractor 741/999
    DeSagana Diop Topps Chrome refractor 166/999
    Ersan Ilyasova Topps Chrome refractor rc 468/999
    Francisco Garcia Topps Chrome refractor rc 423/999 & 622/999
    Travis Diener Topps Chrome refractor rc 897/999
    Brandon Bass Topps Chrome refractor rc 451/999
    Dwayne Jones Topps Chrome refractor rc 71/999, 175/999, 609/999, 717/999, 770/999
    Tyrone Sally Topps Chrome refractor rc 136/999 & 784/999
    George Leach Topps Chrome refractor rc 705/999
    Seamus Boxley Topps Chrome refractor rc 356/999
    Austin Nichols Topps Chrome refractor rc 321/999
    Marcus Hill Topps Chrome refractor rc 223/999
    Kevin Owens Topps Chrome refractor rc 995/999
    TJ Cummings Topps Chrome refractor rc 566/999
    Ezra Williams Topps Chrome refractor rc 894/999
    Seth Doliboa Topps Chrome refractor rc 743/999
    Malik Moore Topps Chrome refractor rc 309/999
    Randall Orr Topps Chrome refractor rc 372/999
    Ricky Shields Topps Chrome refractor rc 776/999
    Peja Stojakovic Topps Chrome UNC xfractor 65/90
    Richard Jefferson Topps Chrome UNC xfractor 7/90
    Richard Jefferson Luxury Box 104/350 Mezzanine
    Elton Brand Luxury Box 20/200 Loge Level
    Pau Gasol Finest Fact 27/1899
    Rashad McCants Finest Fact 864/1899
    Allen Iverson Finest Fact xfractor 40/99
    Delonte West Finest silver refractor 83/349
    Larry Hughes Finest silver refractor 185/349
    Tim Duncan Finest silver xfractor 19/229
    Mehmet Okur Finest silver xfractor 10/229
    Jalen Rose Finest red refractor 73/169
    Ryan Gomes Finest green refractor rc 48/89
    Ryan Gomes rc 449/599
    Ray Allen Upper Deck gold 50/50
    Eddy Curry Upper Deck gold 48/50
    Scott Padgett Upper Deck 84/100
    Paul Pierce Topps Gold 80/99
    Damon Stoudamire Topps Gold 95/99
    Tim Thomas Topps Gold 16/99
    Chris Wilcox Topps Gold 97/99
    Lee Nailon Topps Black 390/500
    Melvin Ely Topps Black 231/500
    Michael Finley Topps Black 362/500
    Keith McLeod Topps Black 334/500
    Joel Przybilla Topps Black 443/500
    Fran Vasquez Topps Black rc 72/500
    David Lee Topps Black rc 138/500
    Sean May SPGU rc 15/100
    Marvin Williams SPGU rc 3/999
    Jason Maxiell SPGU rc 120/999
    CJ Miles SPGU rc 495/999
    Corey Maggette SPGU 26/100
    Josh Smith SPGU 54/100
    Joey Graham SP Signature Gold rc 8/25
    Emeka Okafor Topps First Row Center Court 58/99
    Joey Graham Reflections 625/1499
    Rashard Lewis Topps Pristine Boxtopper 44/50
    Udonis Haslem Sweet Shot 93/199
    Gerald Wallace Sweet Shot 73/199
    Yao Ming Topps 52 Style refractor 140/499
    JR Smith Topps 52 Style refractor 415/499
    Jason Maxiell Topps 52 Style white refractor rc 129/299
    Joey Graham Bowman Chrome refractor rc 127/300
    David Lee Hardcourt rc 870/1750
    Chris Taft Hardcourt rc 800/1750
    Richard Jefferson SPx Spxcitement 444/999
    Michael Redd SPx Spxcitement 288/999
    Tracy McGrady SPx Spxcitement 186/999 & 535/999
    Pau Gasol SPx Spxcitement 590/999
    Lamar Odom SPx Spxcitement 444/999
    Jameer Nelson SPx Spxcitement spectrum 39/99
    JR Smith SPx Spxcitment spectrum 44/99
    Danny Granger SPx Spxcitement Rookies 910/1999
    Joey Graham SPx Spxcitement Rookies 1929/199
    Jarrett Jack SPx Spxcitment Rookies 1380/1999
    Gerald Green SPx Spxcitement Rookies 1188/1999
    Martell Webster SPx Spxcitement Rookies 1179/1999
    Bracey Wright SPx rc 1126/1499
    Chris Taft SPx rc 229/1499 & 1318/1499
    Jose Calderon SPx rc 60/1499
    Dijon Thompson SPx rc 718/1499
    Esteban Batista SPx rc 660/1499
    Linas Kleiza SPx rc 141/1499 & 503/1499
    Earl Barron SPx rc 1353/1499
    Alan Anderson SPx rc 12/1499
    Shavlik Randolph SPx rc 66/1499
    Eddie Basden SPx rc 890/1499
    Johan Petro SPx rc 157/1499 & 427/1499
    Ersan Ilyasova SPx rc 203/1499
    Dwayne Jones SPx rc 1462/1499
    James Singleton SPx rc 830/1499
    Von Wafer SPx rc 305/1499 & 746/1499
    Josh Powell SPx rc 816/1499 & 1447/1499
    Yaroslav Korolev SPx rc 1350/1499
    Ronnie Price SPx rc 1031/1499
    Andray Blatche SPx rc 633/1499 & 1461/1499
    Donell Taylor SPx rc 900/1499
    Orien Greene SPx rc 89/1499 & 840/1499
    Amir Johnson SPx rc 388/1499
    Matt Walsh SPx rc 1259/1499 & 1440/1499
    Fabricio Oberto SPx rc 155/1499 & 1218/1499
    Arvydas Macijauskas SPx rc 973/1499
    Alex Acker SPx rc 76/1499
    Jim Calhoun Bowman blue 167/379

  2. Kronozio
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    Topps Finest Draft Pick Redemtion #27 Green Refractor redemption
    Yao Ming Topps Chrome Black refractor 278/399
    Ray Allen Topps Chrome Black refractor 377/399
    Ray Allen Upper Deck gold 50/50
    David Lee Topps Black rc 138/500
    David Lee Hardcourt rc 870/1750
    Eddie Basden SPx rc 890/1499

    Hey, who do you collect? I'm interested in these cards; lmk, thanks

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    Kirk Hinrich Hoops HP rc 302/1000

    Ben Gordon---
    Bowman #113
    UD AllStar Collection #95
    UD RClass #93

    Luol Deng-

    Upper Deck #230
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    Tierre Brown: I am interested in the following off you bucket:
    05-06 Ultimate Dual Patch Francis/Howard and
    05-06 Ultimate Jersey Emeka Okafor

    The BV of both is 50, the stuff you asked for is 52, please pm me and lmk if you want to work on a deal, thanks

    sportsguyryan: I'll get to you in a minute

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    ...I was thinking more along the lines of #ed/RCs for your #ed/RCs...but thanks anyways

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    Michael Redd Bowman Chrome refractor 220/300
    Steve Nash Bowman Signature 30/50
    Tim Duncan Finest silver xfractor 19/229
    Michael Redd SPx Spxcitement 288/999

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    Tierre Brown: You should have said so.......not just what do I need of course I would look for other stuff unless specified. I'll look and pm you if I see anything.

    sportsguyryan: It's going to be kinda hard without a lot of stuff posted on your site. The Ultra L13's are NFT since I am still trying to finish that set.
    As for the others, I could use these:
    The BV is still way in your favor, not sure of the Adams auto ($15?)
    2006-07 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Hassan Adams Auto
    Basketball Game Used Cards
    2006-07 Bowman Elevation Jason Richardson Board of Directors Dual Relics /25
    2006-07 SP Game Used Raymond Felton Authentic Fabrics GU
    2006-07 SP Game Used Shawn Marion Authentic Fabrics GU
    2006-07 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Steve Francis Sweet Swatches GU

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    Zachattack: 2 questions for you.
    1) Would you be willing to trade some of those 06-07 SPGU GU? I picked up about 50 so far, might as well keep going.
    2) What BV are you putting on the Morrison SPGU rc?

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    Kirk Hinrich - Hoops HP rc 302/1000
    Ben Gordon - Bowman #113, UD AllStar Collection #95, UD RClass #93
    Luol Deng - Upper Deck #230

    I narrowed down my list to these. These book $48 in all. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to give up GU booking $48 in all. I can probably give 1-2 of the GU/Auto you posted. Thanks.

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    hey, i am willing to trade any of the spgu jersey cards...the morrison books at 30

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