After a little time away I am back and ready to trade. All cards listed are for trade or sale, which ever can get the deal done. All cards are in NRMN/MINT condition unless otherwise noted. The main focus of my collection is ALL Yankees & Red Sox, as well as any Superstar or Hall of fame player. Please have a look and let me know if you see anything you like. (I am just getting my trade page back together so please be kind.)

1954 Bowman Billy Loes Dodgers (POOR)
1954 Bowman James Gilliam Dodgers (POOR)
1954 Bowman Vern Law Pirates (POOR)
1954 Bowman Dave Philley A’s (POOR)
1969 Topps Giants Heros McCOVEY & Marichal #572
1999 Topps Finest Refractor Jeromy Burnitz
2003 Donruss Champions “Grand Champ.” Duke Snider
2003 Donruss Champions “Grand Champ.” Bob Feller
2003 Donruss Champions “Grand Champ.” Ernie Banks
2003 Donruss Champions “Grand Champ.” Frank Robinson
2003 Donruss Champions “Grand Champ.” Hoyt Wilhelm
2003 Topps T205 Sovereign Matt Kata #190 Diamondbacks
2003 Topps T205 Sovereign Ryan Harvey #322 Cubs
2003 Topps T205 Sovereign Aaron Hill #325 Blue Jays
2003 Topps T205 Polar Bear Robert Hammock #188 Diamondbacks
2003 Topps T205 Polar Bear Ryan Wagner #189 Reds
2003 Topps T205 Polar Bear Ryan Harvey #175 Cubs
2003 Topps T205 Polar Bear Aaron Hill #181 Blue Jays
2005 Bowman Chrome Russ Martin #224 Dodgers
2005 Bowman Chrome Kila Kaaihue #186 Royals
2005 Bowman Chrome Daniel Haigwood #258 White Sox
2005 Bowman Chrome Ryan Sweeney #191 White Sox
2005 Topps Chrome “Black” Jon Lieber #UH62 192/250 Phillies
2006 Topps ’52 Chrome Fernando Nieve #TCRC5 1418/1952 Astros
2006 Topps ’52 Ryan Garko SP #295 Indians