LMK what you have, I need these as of now. Thanks!

06-07 Topps RC/insert wants


Tyrus Thomas


Own The Game-
OTG3 LeBron James
OTG5 Dwyane Wade
OTG23 Chris Paul
OTG 27 Larry Bird

Hobby Masters-
HM3 LeBron James
HM6 Dwyane Wade
HM7 Vince Carter
HM8 Tim Duncan
HM12 Carmelo Anthony
HM13 Jason Kidd
HM14 Jerry West
HM15 George Gervin
HM16 Larry Bird
HM17 Pete Maravich
HM18 Wilt Chamberlain
HM19 Oscar Robertson
HM20 Earl Monroe

Clutch City Stars-
CCS5 Shaquille O'Neal
CCS10 Richard Hamilton
CCS12 Chauncey Billups
CCS13 Kobe Bryant
CCS15 Tim Duncan
CCS16 Tracy McGrady
CCS22 Shawn Marion

Clutch City Prospects-
CSP2 Luther Head

Pride of the Program-
PP4 Melo/Boykins/Camby
PP9 Kobe/Odom/Bynum