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Thread: 60 Paypal To Spend!!!

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    60 Paypal To Spend!!!

    Looking to buy the best card or 2 cards for 60 paypal.
    Please leave me offers on what you can sell me. I dont want to insult anyone by saying i'd buy a card for 60 when they want 100 or just let me know what u can give me for it.

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Colts - Sorry dont have any use for Greg Jennings right now, thanks tho

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    Hey Chris, check my bucket. I also have a insert/rookie collection for sale. If interested i can give you the lists

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    Vickfan - What would u sell me for 60...alot of what interests me is well over lets make it a little easier with u tellin me what u can sell me for 60
    Not really interested in any bulk stuff right now, have too much of it

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    I can sell the Winslow auto/jersey for $31 dlvd, the rest would be in my low-mid end section....lmk if u see anything

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    Have these 2:

    Kellen Clemens 2006 Sweet Spot Gold Rookie Autographs 231 RC Autograph #d 65/100
    Kellen Clemens 2006 Bowman Sterling KC2 Autograph Jersey RC
    Looking for cards of players from Iowa, especially former Hawkeyes.

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    Pittz - sorry nothing i could use, thanks tho(just got rid of my LT rookies accually)

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