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    2006 Topps Turkey Red Starter Set!

    I have a 2006 Topps Turkey Red starter set for trade. There are no SP's and the set is missing these non-SPs:
    397, 435, 500, 519, 572, 581, 582, 608

    I'm looking for $20-$25 in trade. This should be a fun task for whoever gets it. PLMK if interested. Thanks, JOSH

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    I am interested. Check my bucket for trade. LMK. Thanks!

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    I like the Ryan Howard GU'd, and I'm not sure which Bernie GU'd that is or the BV, but I can probably use that too. Can you do both for the starter set?

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    The Howard GU jersey is pending, I have two Bernie GU. Which are you looking at?

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    No problem. The Bernie I was referring to is the Topps. It looks like the Topps Clubhouse Collection? I'm checking your site out again now, so i'll get back to you, hopefully, in a little bit. Thanks, JOSH

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    Is the Mariano Topps Gold Label GU'd still available? And if so, would you do the Bernie Topps GU'd and the Rivera for the starter set?

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    Yep. Which sport is it? I assume baseball. I'll get you a list of game used when you reply.

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    Thanks for the reply. Yes, it is baseball...but it's pending now. There's a guy who has some Ryan's I need interested. But, I can possibly put together another starter set, with another 19 missing. I have another guy who I offered it to earlier (actually about 10 minutes ago) for $15 trade. This is what it would be missing:
    316A, 346, 351, 360, 362, 397, 425, 429, 435, 439, 462, 485, 491, 500, 509, 511, 519, 572, 574, 581, 582, 606, 607, 608, 613, 614, 628

    I bought 4 boxes of this, along with a couple of blaster boxes from Target, so I had A LOT! I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to make some starter sets and trade them off...I don't know what the cutoff is on starter sets, but I could possibly put together a couple more, each one missing a few more...

    Thanks again for the reply, and i'll let you know if the trade falls through. JOSH

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