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    Hubby's gone, Need to sell

    I have some legal bills due to a seperation, so it's time to unload some other unnecessary stuff from my life.

    You don't need the messy details, just that I have a need to sell alot of cards.

    Call this, "Round 1".

    I'm putting together 10 card packs and selling them for $7. Every pack will have a game used bat or jersey, autograph, rookie card or some kind of insert. Buy 4 and get 1 free. Buy 10 and I'll throw in an extra game used free. If you have a preference for a team/player, let me know and I'll try to gear towards them (although some players can't be accomodated like Albert Puholes, Derek Jeter and other "in high demand" players).

    Shipping is $2 on 1 to 4 lots, $4 on 5 to 10 lots and $6 on all lots greater than 10.

    Round 1 consists of 300 lots. The person who buys the most lots will get an extra surprise.

    Round 2 will begin when all Round 1 lots have been shipped.

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    Sorry about your seperation. Hope all goes well.

    But unless I'm mistaken, these kind of sales are referred to as "Grab-Bags" and aren't permitted by the staff.

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    But if you do have any St. Louis Cardinal's #'d, game used, or autographed cards that you need to unload, I'd be happy to look at a list

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    Whoops! Don't want to shake the tree here. Do you know of any other sites that allow it?

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    I could be wrong but I think alls you have to do is list every card you intend on putting in the packs. I dont mean list each pack you put together just what you intend on putting in the packs.. Check with a Mod they could give you more info.

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