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    Anyone have unopened stuff for trade?

    If anyone has any unopened boxes, packs, cases (worth a try), etc. for trade , lmk. I have tons for trade, and depending on what you have, may trade in your favor.



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    i have some 2002 leaf but i am only looking to sell or trade for gu or autos.... lmk... just so you know i have opened 6 packs out of a 24 pack hobby box and have gotten no gu or autos and the only insert i have pulled it a frank thomas rookie reprint.... lmk if you want some... i would sell for 2.00 a pack.. that

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    I have 1988 topps sticker packs LOL. I got 2 unopened ones.

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    hairston, would you buy anything to make up for the difference in the Pujols and Hairston cards? I know there's probably still a good $10 left to make up (including the Mouton)

    tutall, if there any gu on my site you'd be interested in?

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    Can you remind me of the trade again?What Pujols and Hairston's are involved?I'm losing it!

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    Ok...Is that the only Pujols card you have that I need?I'd like to trade for lower value ones if possible but will trade for that one!LMK

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    Ok...I need the Pujols I listed and will trade for the Hairston!What's bv on the Pujols so I know what to make an offer by!

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