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Thread: Need Michael Cloud Cards!

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    Need Michael Cloud Cards!

    I need all Michael Cloud cards. He's an RB for the Chiefs. Rookie year was 1999.



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    i can dig some up this week i have those ok will put them on tommorow night thanx buddy....
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    I have Michael Cloud's Topps rookie card. I am interested in any current Cardinals or anyone currently in the California League.

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    I have a 1999 Collector's Edge Millennium Collection Triumph #148, and a 1999 Collector's Edge Odyssey #73 Michael Cloud cards. PLMK if you need either of them. Thanks.

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    I'll see what I have, Tim. I believe I have a few around here somewhere. I'll get back to you tonight.

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    i have his leaf certified rc. looking to sell. please make offer.

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    well heres what i have:

    '99 coll. edge 1st place m. cloud #172
    '99 fleer traditions #261
    '99 coll.edge triumph #148
    '99 pac.aurora #72
    '01 fleer traditions glossy #85
    lmk if you can use any of these. thnx

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