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Thread: Came across some rookies???

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    Came across some rookies???

    I don't know much of anything about Basketball but had the itch to bust some packs so I did a little grab bag type thing at my local shop and mixed in were several basketball packs ... here is what I have ... I'd be willing to let all these go for a few dollars paypal or some Carmelo Anthony Base cards!

    Upper Deck ROOKIE SLAM

    Jarret Jack
    Chris Taft
    Rashad McCants
    Raymond Felton
    Nate Robinson
    Monta Ellis
    Hakim Warrick
    Gerald Green
    Andrew Bynum
    Ike Diogu
    Joey Graham
    Sean May
    Martynas Andriuskevicius
    Wayne Simien

    Upper Deck Star Rookies

    Daniel Gibson
    Alexander Johnson
    Hilton Armstrong
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    I can use the Chris Paul and Deron Williams rc slam. I might have a few Carmelo base cards but I will have to look

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    lanham - do you have any Melo base cards or if you have football any Brandon Marshall cards?

    samhag1 - LMK on the Melo base cards.

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    I have some melo base I'm interested in these:

    Upper Deck ROOKIE SLAM

    Chris Paul
    Monta Ellis
    Gerald Green

    Upper Deck Star Rookies

    Daniel Gibson
    Alexander Johnson
    J.J. Redick
    Hilton Armstrong

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    Yeah...Any certain years your looking for on the Melo's

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    jeremy17 - Work out a deal and LMK what we can do, Lanham has first shot at the JJ Redick but all the others are still available!

    lanham - no certain years, just anything really! LMK what you have and set up a deal if you want!

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    Please check my site for Anthony base cards you need. I like Paul, Redick, and most other SLAM. Thanks.


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    sportsguy - just make me an offer on some Melo base cards, I don't really have a list of what I need because I don't have any at all.

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    2004-05 Flair Carmelo Anthony
    2006-07 Bowman Elevation Carmelo Anthony
    2006-07 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Carmelo Anthony

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