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Thread: wild card stripes?

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    wild card stripes?

    what exactly is the purpose of the 5, 10, 100, etc. stripes on the wild card cards from the early 90's? Is it a form of numbering or is it something else? I never understood the purpose and honestly never asked.

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    They're just a parralell version of the regular cards, im not sure though what the print run is of each (would want to find out) I know the 1000 ones are rare and high bv...

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    Back in the day when they first came out, you could send in a striped card for that many of the regular card. Send in a 5 stripe for 5 cards, 10 for 10, etc. No idea what the odds of pulling each one were, but you can imagine the 1000s were pretty scarce.

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