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    3 Box bust Topps Turkey Red............

    As usual no mojo for me, at least I don't think so. Someone must have flushed my mojo down the toilet or something, about 6 months ago I had a good day busting,(1/1 LeBron & 1/1 John Wooden AU) and ever since I have had basically nada, zip. I'm more excited about the wrappers that I can trade for other stuff. Anyhow here are the....goodies

    Luke Ridnour
    Maurice Ager
    Chris Bosh
    Brandon Roy
    Red- Josh Boone 19/99
    Cabinet cards-
    Carmelo Anthony
    Ronnie Brewer X2

    About 100 rookies, 3 Morrisons that I can remember
    White Shaq
    Red Wade
    Red Morrison

    and a 1/1 cyan plate of Mike Bibby, woo hoo.................

    Not that I am a hater or anything, but something better than a Luke Ridnour would be good occasionally, maybe I need to step up any buy an Exquisite box and really hit my wallet hard so I don't buy anymore for a while. I feel like I just busted 3 boxes of 05-06 SPA that's how bad I feel right now. The Bibby isn't all that bad I guess. I have 2 more boxes of this coming next couple of days, hopefully it will get better.......

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    Maravichfan44: I'll check you out and get back to you if I see anything.

    pacerfine: I would consider trading the packs away, others are offering .10 credit towards boxes. If you can do that, then pm me.

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    Hey Maravich, where do you want me to look, I don't see any stuff of yours.

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    i need the roy if it is a blazers jersey...lmk

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