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Thread: Yankees McDonald's Cards

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    Yankees McDonald's Cards

    Does anyone have any of the yankees cards mcdonalds gave away?? i have a few extras of them to trade also. im not sure if you can still get them but if you have any PLMK!! thanks!

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    what doubles of it do you have? I was gonna try to make a set and nobody had any. I do have a Bowman Wang RC.

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    I have extra Karsay, Wells, Pettitte, Jeter Flaherty, and Bubba Trammell. do you have any extra ones to trade?? lmk!

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    nope, I believe I need a jeter and the pettite, will you do the wang for those two?

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    i dont know i just got the wang. do you have any other yankee minor leagures??

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    all I really have is the wang to trade and I really want to trade it.

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