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    To All Who Have Trades Out With Me....

    I have been having major issues with the post office I use, most of the cards I have sent out in the past month have come back, so I have repackaged them and I will be sending through a new Post Office. I know some are late and I do apoligize....

    You will all receive your cards, I would not cheat please Accept my Apoligizies....


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    Thanks for letting me know man...I was starting to wonder...:)

    Hope things get worked out for you.

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    Bmetts- I'm sure they will....Sorry again for the delay

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    me too man, but i knew you wouldnt screw anybody over.

    by the way, you still need those turkey red base i found for ya

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    Star- Thanks man.......I bought some more cheap boxes and probably found some of them...I will check your list with what I still need and get back with you tonight

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    no problem Lanham..looking forward to receiving payment for the 2 cards you bought off of me...
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