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Thread: got these today....

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    got these today....

    2002 topps pristine quinten jammer gold ref. #19/79.........20.00
    2002 bowman silver aslie lelie #75/250.........24.00

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    2002 topps pristine quinten jammer gold ref. #19/79.........20.00

    This is what I have to trade...PLMK :)

    Anthony Lucas- 00 Pacific Private Stock Autograph ($10)
    Aaron Taylor- 94 Proline Live Autograph #d/950 ($10)
    Antowain Smith- 00 Fleer Autographics ($20)
    Avon Cobourne- 03 Topps Classmarks Autograph ($12)
    Ben Leard- 01 Press Pass SE Autograph ($5)
    Bam Morris- 95 Proline Autograph #d/1430 ($6)
    Boss Bailey- 03 Press Pass Autograph #d/200 ($18)

    Curtis Keaton- 00 Bowman Autograph ($8)
    Charlie Joiner- 99 UD Century Legends Epic Signature Autograph ($20)
    Cecil Collins- 99 SPX Rookie Autograph #d/1999 ($12)
    Cam Cleeland- 98 Skybox Autographics ($10)
    Cliff Russell- 02 Press Pass JE Autograph ($12)
    Chris Claiborne- 00 UD Pros & Prospects Jersey/Autograph ($30)
    Ennis Davis- 01 Playoff Contender Rookie Ticket Autograph ($10)

    Gerard Warren- 01 UD Game Gear Autograph ($12)

    Heath Evans- 01 Dynagon RC Autograph #d/699 ($8)
    Herb Haygood- 02 Bowman Chrome Autograph ($15)

    Jason McKinley- 01 Dynagon RC Autograph #d/699 ($8)
    Javon Green- 01 Playoff Contender Rookie Ticket Autograph ($10)
    Jerome Woods- 96 Proline Rookie Autograph #d/1375 ($15)
    John Engelberger- 00 Press Pass Autograph ($6)
    Jamar Fletcher- 01 Press Pass Autograph ($8)
    James Jackson- 01 Leaf Certified Materials FF Jersey/Autograph ($15)
    James Jackson- 02 Score Inscriptions Autograph ($20)
    James Jackson- 01 Pacific Dynagon Autograph #d/499 ($12)
    James Jackson- 01 Finest Autograph ($10)
    James Jackson- 01 Bowmans Best Autograph ($10)
    James Jackson- 01 Crown Royale Autograph #d/500 ($8)
    James Jackson- 01 Topps Reserve Autograph ($10)
    James Jackson- 01 Bowman Autograph ($8)
    James Jackson- 01 Fleer Focus Certified Cuts Autograph ($15)
    James Jackson- 01 Press pass Autograph ($12)
    Jamie Asher- 98 Skybox Autographics ($10)
    Joe Hamilton- 00 Score Rookie Preview Autograph ($10)

    Ken-Yon Rambo- 01 Press Pass SE Autograph ($5)
    Kwame Cavil- 00 UD MVP Prosign Autograph ($25)
    Kenyatta Walker- 01 Press Pass SE Autograph ($5)
    Kevin Turner- 98 Skybox Autographics ($10)
    Kurt Kittner- 02 SP Authentic Autograph #d/1150 ($15)
    Kareem Kelly- 03 Topps Classmarks Autograph ($15)
    Kahlil Hill- 02 UD Sweet Spot Autograph #d/550 ($15)

    Lamar Smith- 01 Topps Reserve Autograph ($10)
    Luke Staley- 02 Press Pass Autograph ($10)
    Levi Jones- 02 Press Pass JE Autograph ($8)
    Lamar Smith- 01 Bowmans Best Autograph ($10)

    Moran Norris- 01 Press Pass SE Autograph ($5)
    Mark Bruener- 98 Skybox Autographics ($10)
    Marcus Nash- 99 Skybox Autographics ($12)
    Moran Norris- 01 Crown Royale Autograph #d/500 ($8)
    Michael Bishop- 99 SP Authentic Players Ink Autograph ($15)

    Raynoch Thompson- 00 Sage Bronze Autograph #d/650 ($3)
    Rodney Thomas- 97 Skybox Autographics ($8)
    Ron Dugans- 01 Playoff Preferred Bronze Autograph ($10)
    Rodney Thomas- 98 Skybox Autographics ($10)
    Rick Mirer- 96 Laserview Inscriptions Autograph #d/3150 ($12)
    ReShard Lee- 03 Topps Autograph ($20)

    Sherrod Gideon- 00 UD Encore Authentics Autograph ($8)
    Sylvester Morris- 00 Press Pass Autograph ($6)
    Scotty Anderson- 01 Pacific Dynagon Autograph #d/699($8)
    Sammy Morris- 02 Topps Reserve Autograph ($10)

    Talman Gardner- 03 Topps Classmarks Autograph ($12)
    Tim Hasselbeck- 01 Crown Royale Autograph #d/500 ($8)
    Trevor Gaylor- 00 UD Encore Authentics Autograph ($8)
    Troy Walters- 00 UD Encore Authentics Autograph ($8)
    Tellis Redmon- 02 Bowman's Best Autograph ($6)
    Terry Charles- 02 Bowman's Best Autograph ($6)
    Tory James- 97 Skybox Autographics ($8)

    Yatil Green- 98 Skybox Autograph ($10)
    ~COLLECTING specific Chris Brown autos & multi color patches
    ~Collecting Hakeem Nicks, Stepfan Taylor, Mario Manningham, Geno Smith and Victor Cruz Auto's

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    James Jackson- 01 Leaf Certified Materials FF Jersey/Autograph ($15)
    Bam Morris- 95 Proline Autograph #d/1430 ($6)

    if this is cool PM me cause i'm going to bed and i have to be at work til 5 so i won't be able to get back til then

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    I would take the Lelie. E-mail me directly at clayton if you see something you want.


    Darnell McDonald rookie AUTO-99 Press Pass-BV $15
    Tee Martin Rookie AUTO-2000 SP Authentic(sign of the times #TM)BV$20
    Chris WeinkeAuto/RC-2001 Pacific #460(0988/1000) BV $20 EA
    Josh Mccown Auto-2002 Press Pass Je-BV $20
    Mike Anderson-Auto/RC-2000 Playoff Contenders #115-BV $40
    Chad Hutchinson Auto/RC-2002 SP Authentic #190(0968/1500) BV $50
    Drew Brees RC-Ball/Auto-2001 Leaf Certified #134(Mirror Red #ed/150) BV $100(football piece has the word “ball” on it—want $120 trade)
    Deuce Mcallister Rookie Auto-2001 Sage #A30-Bv $40
    Chris Chambers Rookie Auto-2001 U.D. Game Gear (Auto #CCGS) BV $30
    Willis Mcgahee Rookie Auto-2003 Sage #A2(Class of 2003 #74/100) BV $100(incoming)
    Chad Pennington Rookie Auto-2000 Bowmans Best Auto-BV $80
    Jamal Lewis-2001 Ultra(College Great Preview AUTO) BV $20
    Marc Bulger Rookie Auto-2000 fleer Autographics-BV $40
    Marc Bulger Rookie Auto-2000 Private Stock(private signings) BV $40


    Michael Vick RC/Jersey-2001 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia #151 RPM(#733/850) BV $100
    Drew Brees-2001 Donruss Elite)Primary Colors #PC-8 Die-Cut Red #21/25)BV $80(have scan)
    Drew Brees-RC-2001 Finest #127-GRADED GEM MINT 10- BV $80(have scan)
    Donte Stallworth-2003 Leaf Cerified(mirror red #ed/150) BV ????
    Donte Stallworth-Jersey/RC-2002 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia #227RPM(55/825) BV $30
    Johnny Unitas-2000 Fleer Greats of the Game(Classics-Jersey #22) BV $50
    Wiiliam Green RC/Jersey-2002 Playoff Honors #214(#441/650) BV $25
    Brett Favre/Mark Brunell-2002 Upper Deck Honor Roll(Offensive threats #OTBF jerseys) BV $40
    Brett Favre-2001 Pacific #162(Hobby LTD #31/99) BV $40
    Edgerrin James-2001 EX-behind the numbers jersey-BV $20
    Michael Jordan-2003 Fleer Premium 3 X threats( #189/250) Bv $60
    Peyton Manning-2000 Upper Deck Legends(Legendary Jerseys #LJ-PM) BV $50
    Peyton Manning/Edgerrin James-2001 U.D.(Teammates Dual Jerseys #MJ-T) BV $80
    Peyton Manning-99 Playoff Prestige SSD #B152(Spectrum blue #230/500)BV$24
    Peyton Manning-2002 Topps Chrome #128(refractor #067/599)BV$20
    Jesse Palmer RC-2001 Leaf Rookies+ Stars #204(longevity #10/25) BV $40
    Derek Jeter-2003 Donruss Classics(Derek Jeter Tributes #15/100) Bv $30
    Chad Pennington RC-2000 Finest #139(#2127/2400)- BV $40
    Marshall Faulk-2001 Pacific Atomic Jerseys #75—BV $25
    Marshall Faulk/Issac Bruce_2002 Fleer hot Prospects(class of 94 #MF-IB)(#248/375)BV$40
    Marshall faulk-99 Flair Showcase(Feel the Game Jersey(Blue) Bv $40
    Marshall Faulk2001 Upper Deck(Memorable Materials #MM-MF)BV$30
    Marshall Faulk-2001 Upper Deck Graded(Graded Jerseys #MF)BV$25
    Trent Green-2001 Pacific(Game Gear #12 white jersey) BV $25
    Kurt Warner RC-99 Leaf Rookies + Stars #288 BV $30
    Kurt Warner-99 Fleer Focus(Feel the Game Jersey #10FG) BV $60
    Kurt Warner-2000 U.D. Legends(Legendary Jerseys #LJKW) BV $40
    Kurt Warner-2002 Topps(Super Bowl Goal Posts #SBG2) BV $40
    Kurt Warner-2002 Fleer Premium(All Pro Team Jerseys)BV$20
    Dennis Northcutt RC-2000 SP Authentic #129(0752/1250) BV $25 easily grade 9 maybe 10.
    Donovan Mcnabb-99 upper deck(highlight zone #Z17)Bv$30
    Chad Johnson/Rudi Johnson-2001 Fleer(rookie Retro Jerseys #51)Bv$25
    Chad Johnson2001-Feer Hot Prospects(rookie premiere post mark jersey)(# 1146/1875) BV$25
    Ken Stabler-97 upper deck legends(big game hunters #B6) BV$20
    Antwaan Randle El RC-2002 U.D. Sweet Spot(Rookie Gallery # RGEL) BV $20
    Chad Hutchinson RC-2002 SP Legendary Cuts #126(#290/500) BV $20
    Thomas Jones RC -2000 Revolution #101-(#196/300) BV$20(ONLY 300 MADE)Bv$20

    Misc GU +/RC + inserts under $20

    Joe Montana-2000 Donruss(alltime Gridiron Kings #GK-1)2-cards (#0536/2500-0537/2500) BV $12
    Joey Harrington RC-2002 Playoff Prestige #153
    Andre Davis RC-2002 Fleer Showcase #158(#1148/1500) BV $12
    Taylor Jacobs RC-2003 Fleer Showcase #104(Avant Card #649/650) BV $12
    Kordell Stewart-2001 Fleer Focus(Property of-Jersey-White)BV $15
    Brett Favre-2003 Fleer Authentix(Ticket Studs ) BV $10
    Zach Thomas-1997 Donruss #94(Gold Die-Cut Press Proof #1/500) BV $10
    Travis Prentice-2001 Fleer Gametime(Uniformity Jersy #TP) Bv $12
    Andre Davis Rc-2002 SP Legendary Cuts #121(#259/500) BV $12
    Peyton Manning-99 Leaf rookies+Stars(Statistical Standouts #SS-15-#0669/1250) Bv $12
    Brian Griese RC-98 Upper Deck #28 BV $15
    Peyton Manning-98 Upper Deck(Constant Threat #CT2) BV $10
    Herman Moore-2001 Pacific #151(Hobby LTD #87/99) BV $12
    Shaun King RC-99 Playoff Contenders SSD #178(#1367/1825) BV $15
    Dan Marino-98 upper deck(define the game die-cut silver #1418/1500) BV $15
    Rudi Johnson-2001 Leaf Rookies + Stars(Freshman Orientation jersey #FO-15) $12
    Chris Weinke-2001 Leaf Rookies + Stars(Freshman Orientation-jersey #FO-4) BV $15
    Bruce Nelson-2003 Topps All American- Fabric #FA-BN BV $10
    Kevin Dyson-99 Leaf Certified #95(mirror Red) BV$10
    Fred Taylor-2002 Topps Gallery Jersey(original relic#GOFT)Bv$12
    Josh Mccown RC-2002 Upper Deck Piece of History #140(1602/2002)BV$12
    Josh McCown-2002 Upper Deck Authentics(glory Bound Jersey #GBJJM)BV$10
    David Carr RC-2002 Upper Deck XL #502-BV$12
    David Carr RC-2002 Playoff Prestige #151-BV $15
    Dennis Northcutt 2000 EX #115(1368/1500) BV$10
    Ike Hilliard-97 Topps Chrome #R161(refractor)BV$15
    Edgerrin James RC-99 Skybox Pemium #222 BV $15
    Fred Taylor-98 upper deck #8 BV$10
    Anthony Thomas RC-2001 upper deck #187 BV$12
    Thomas Jones RC-2000 EX #133(1025/1500)Bv$12
    Tom Brady-2002 fleer Platinum(inside the playbook #19)Bv$12

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    Jamal Lewis-2001 Ultra(College Great Preview AUTO) BV $20

    sound good? pm me if so

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