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    Any demand for Cal Ripken stuff anymore?

    I have 3 rookie cards of cal ripken jr, a game used card, and some odds and ends.

    is there any demand for these anymore or should i just keep them in with the collection and sell the whole lot?

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    im not into trading. since i have a new baby i really dont have the time or desire for that. im actually thinking about selling my whole collection. a year ago the collection was worth about 1600. That is before more cards were added. I figure I will try and sell the whole collection for 150, or see what I can get money wise parting it out.

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    what % are you selling at, and what else do you have in your collection? plmk thanks

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    i will have to take some time and dig them all out. There are about a dozen game used cards $50 and under. 2 Bonds rookies. Loads of numbered cards. Tons of prospects and inserts. I dont know what to sell them at. That is why I was hoping people could just make an offer and I more than likely will take it. Taking the whole collection would be even better. That is 10% of BV.

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    what years are they mostly from? is there going to be a bunch of common base? and is it just baseball? plmk thanks

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    it is just baseball. although i have about 200 in nascar i could throw in there in as well. the years range clear back, i believe the oldest is 1964. The majoirty of cards seem to be from the 90's to present it appears. There are not too many commons as I used all of those to make a wallpaper collage for my new baby and donated most of them to the hopsital.

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