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Thread: Anyone Like The Mannings?

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    Anyone Like The Mannings?

    04 Sweet Spot Sweet Panel Sigs Eli Manning auto #'d 18/100. BV is $150

    1998 SPX Peyton Manning Rc #'d 468/1998. This is the true Rc not a paralell. Currently books at $300, but we all know that this is going sky high next month. Will not trade below $400.

  2. Kronozio
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    damn Daren, wish i had a chance at the peyton rc- NICE card
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    Thank you Ed. Take a stab at it you never know. Offer me some HOF autos :new_shock


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    the ones ive got arent even a laughable offer Daren- thanks though
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    a while ago, yeah- sold all the big name stuff to cover college tuition this past fall
    im down to no name hall of famers (munoz, largent, maynard) and not much else. been trying to rebuild ever since
    Owner of Roundtablegaming

    Find me on Twitter @rtghobbies

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    I like both. Have this

    06 SPX Matt Leinart auto/jsy #'d/399

    LMK if your intersted and we might be able to make a deal

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    Ah Ed, that college tuition thing sucks man. I graduated from UC in Sep. 05. I paid that stuff for too long. Rebuilding is very tough to do. I recently sold a ton of my collection including most of my HOF auto stuff. I am not going to rebuild, but I am going to try and start a new collection.


    I am very interested man. That is a SPX Leinart Rc isn't it?


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    Hey Daren!!!! What Kinda $$ Ya Wanting on that Manning RC....

    LMK Buddy....

    Thank You Sincerely, John

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