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Thread: UD Black base wanted

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    UD Black base wanted

    I saw that there are base cards on beckett (at least I think they are base). Not sure if they are numbered, but I need these two players.

    Tony Parker
    Manu Ginobili

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I think the "base" are jerseys (I'm guessing the dual jsys /99)

    I do have the Parker gold (/25) but didnt find anything on your list.. You willing to buy?

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    I just saw this on beckett and assumed the packs had base. Doesn't say jsy or auto. Wasn't completely sure though.

    2006-07 UD Black 10 Manu Ginobili N/A N/A

    I do buy numbered parallels at 15-20%BV but this set doesn't have pricing yet.

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