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Thread: Updated Website

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    Updated Website

    finally updated my website. have some new autos and stuff. sorry for all the pendings... mostly non/late-payers from EBay. always willing to sell as well

  2. Kronozio
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    I like the Sproles auto. Care to take a look at my on-site list?

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    dang it! i thought i got all of them but that card is gone. sorry about that, i will go take it off

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    Hey, no problem. Are the Edwards Reflections and the Santana Moss available? I like those too.

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    Well, when you have some time, take a look at my on-site list. See if anything pops out at you and LMK.

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    Do you have scans of the Leftwich Ultra and Jimmy Smith Absolute Jsy/Auto? I might be interested in those.

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    west coast - i like the ashton youboty but not enough to trade either of those cards for.

    colts - if you PM me your email address i can get you scans

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    look at my buckett for both and LMK if we can do anything.

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    i like the marc bulger depending on what kind of BV you want for it

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