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    Updated Trade List Let's Trade

    Hey everyone let's do more trading. All offers will be considered. PM me on multiple player trades. If you wanna buy anything then let me know. I will give you the prices.

    Game Used:

    Mike Piazza-2002 UD MVP Game Used Souvenier BV $25.00
    Bob Horner-2003 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Game Used Bat BV $10
    Rafael Furcal-2001 Upperdeck Ovation Piece of History Game Used Bat $10
    Jose Canseco-2001 Fleer Legacy Hit Kings Game Used Bat BV $15
    Brent Abernathy-2002 Upper Deck Sweet Spot USA Memorabilia BV $10
    Greg Maddux-2002 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Swatches BV $20
    Craig Biggio-2002 Upper Deck Authentics Game Used Jersey BV $10
    Kevin Brown-2002 Upper Deck Authentics Game Used Jersey BV $15
    Juan Gonzalez-2002 Upper Deck Authentics Stars of 89 GU Jersey BV $15
    Eric Chavez-2002 Upper Deck Authentics Game Used Jersey BV $20
    Jorge Posada-2001 SP Game Bat Mileston Edition Game Used Bat BV $15
    Willie Stargell-2001 Upper Deck Vintage Timeless Teams GU Bat small crease close to bat BV $10
    Lance Berkman-2002 Studio Leather and Lumber GU Bat #d 053/200 BV $10
    Ivan Rodriguez-2002 Upper Deck Honor Roll GU Star Swatches BV $15
    Derek Jeter-2003 Fleer Authentix All Star Game GU Base BV $NA please make offer
    Derek Jeter-2001 Fleer Focus ROY Collection Game Used Jersey 2 Color BV $80
    Randy Johnson-2001 Leaf Rookies & Stars Dress For Success Dual Bat & Jersey BV $25
    Randy Johnson-2003 Topps Chrome Record Breakers GU Jersey BV $25
    Jim Edmonds-2002 Upperdeck Game Used Swatches BV $15
    Catfish Hunter-2002 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classics NY Yankees Patch BV $40
    Johny Bench-2002 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classics Reds Patch BV $40
    Corey Dillon-2002 Private Stock Titanium 311/435 BV $20


    Joe Garagiola-2001 Topps Archives Autograph BV $40
    Raul Mondesi-2000 Fleer Mystique Freshink Autograph BV $15
    Dwight Evans-2003 Topps Retired Edition Autograph SP /78 BV $50
    Kris Benson-1998 Bowman Autograph BV $10
    Wilson Guzman-2002 Select Rookies & Prospects Autograph BV $NA
    Ryan Bradley-2000 Fleer Focus Autographics BV $10
    Steve Yeager-2003 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Autograph BV $10
    Joe Orloski-2002 Bowman’s Best Autograph BV $10
    Mike Stodolka-2000 Topps Autograph BV $10
    Darrell Rasner-2003 Bowman Chrome Autograph BV $15


    Shawn Green-1994 Classic Cream of the Crop Graded PSA-9 BV $10
    Derek Jeter-1992 Front Row Draft Picks Graded PSA-7 BV $6
    Pedro Martinez-1991 Classic Best RC Graded PSA-8 BV $5
    Greg Maddux-1987 Topps Traded Graded PSA-8 BV $5
    Barry Bonds-1986 Fleer Update RC Graded PSA-9 BV $80^
    Elpidio Guzman-2001 Topps Reserve RC Autograph Uncirculated Graded PSA-8 BV $20
    Randy Johnson-1989 Topps Traded Graded AGS-10 Gem Mint BV $40

    Serial Numbered Cards:

    Cal Ripken Jr.-1997 Donruss Preferred X-Ponential Power Die Cut #d 2563/3000 BV $30
    Mike Bordick-2003 Topps Chrome #d 14/57 BV $10
    Rafael Furcal-2003 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor #d 015/170 BV $5
    Barry Zito-2003 Playoff Prestige Inside the Numbers #d 1835/2002 BV $3
    Antonio Perez-2002 Donruss Classics RC #d1161/1500 BV $5
    Danny Borrell-2001 Topps Heritage Chrome RC #d 331/552 BV $6
    Adam Laroche-2003 Donruss Classics RC #d 0875/1500 BV $5
    Derek Jeter-1998 Leaf State Representatives #d 4948/5000 BV $15
    Jose Cruz-2003 Topps Heritage Chrome #d 0832/1954 BV $8
    Curt Schilling-2001 Donruss Rookie Reprint #d 0411/1989 BV $5
    Ichiro-2002 Upperdeck Authentics Baseball Heroes #d 0279/1989 BV $15
    Jorge Posada-2001 Donruss Production Line #d 221/417 BV $6
    Juan Gonzalez-2001 Fleer Futures Black Gold #d 125/499 BV $5
    Mark McGwire-2001 Donruss Diamond Kings #d 2496/2500 Bv $20
    Tony Gwynn-2001 Donruss Diamond Kings #d 1103/2500 BV $10
    Rafael Palmeiro-2001 Donruss Rookie Reprints #d 0475/1987 BV $5
    J.R. Richard-2003 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites #d 119/299 BV $5
    Bob Horner-2003 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites #d280/299 BV $5
    Steve Carlton-2001 Donruss Diamond Kings Reprints #d 0690/1983 BV $10
    Greg Maddux-2000 Stadium Club Beam Team #d 304/500 BV $20
    Aaron McNeal-2001 Upper Deck Ovation WP RC #D 0240/2000 BV $5
    Luis Rivas-2001 Donruss Rated Rookie #d 0224/2001 BV $8
    Ross Gload-2001 Upper Deck Ovation WP RC #d 1994/2000 BV $5
    Andres Torres-2001 Upper Deck Reserve RC #d 0284/2500 BV $5
    Nick Johnson-2001 Donruss Classics Rookie #d 151/585 BV $10
    Mark Grace-2001 Donruss Rookie Reprints #d 0513/1988 BV $8
    Vernon Wells-2000 Upper Deck Gold Reserve Fantastic Finds #d 2094/2500 BV $5
    Ralph Branca-2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Yankee Heritage #d 0537/1500 BV $5
    Jose Canseco-2000 Donruss Career Stat Line #d 024/196 BV $12
    Randy Johnson-2003 Topps Heritage Chrome Retrofractor #d 033/554 BV $25
    Alex Rodriguez-2003 Topps Heritage Chrome #d 0565/1954 BV $20
    Vladimir Guerrero-2001 Donruss Career Stat Line #d 124/124 BV $15

    Rookie Cards:

    Ichiro-2001 Topps RC BV $15
    Ichiro-2001 Fleer Legacy RC #d 773/799 BV $50
    Alfonso Soriano-1999 Topps Gold Label Class 2 BV $25
    Manny Ramirez-1991 Classic Draft Picks BV $1.50
    Manny Ramirez-1992 Score RC BV $1.50 (3)
    Mark McGwire-1987 Topps RC BV $4 (2)
    Mark McGwire-1987 Donruss Highlights RC BV $3
    Curt Schilling-1989 Donruss RC BV $2.50
    Miguel Tejada-1998 Pinnacle Artist Proof BV $6
    Alfonso Soriano-2000 Fleer Ultra Prospects BV $3
    Christian Guzman-1998 Bowman RC $1.50 (2)
    Randy Wolf-1998 Bowman RC BV $1.50 (2)
    Wade Miller-1998 Bowman RC BV $1.50
    Rocco Baldelli-2000 Stadium Club RC BV $2.50
    Rocco Baldelli-2000 Topps RC $2 (4)
    Jae Wong Seo-1998 Bowman RC BV $1.25
    Jose Contreras-2003 Playoff Prestige RC $3
    Miguel Cabrera-2003 Topps Heritage BV $2
    Jose Reyes-2003 Stadium Club BV $1.50
    Barry Larkin-1987 Topps RC BV $1
    Hank Blalock-2002 Topps Prospects BV $1
    Ramon A. Martinez-2003 Topps RC $1
    Ramon Nivar Martinez-2003 Bowman Chrome RC BV $5
    Matt Kata-2003 Bowman Chrome RC BV $4
    Brandon Webb-2003 Bowman Chrome RC $12
    Bryan Bullington-2003 Topps RC BV $1.50
    Brian Lawrence-2001 Leaf Rookies & Stars RC BV $5
    Gary Sheffield-1989 Fleer RC BV $1.50 (2)
    Gary Sheffiel-1989 Topps RC BV $1.50
    Bo Jackson-1986 Topps Traded RC BV $1.50
    Frank Thomas-1990 Score RC BV $1.00
    Dontrelle Willis-2003 Topps RC BV $2
    Jose Canseco-1986 Fleer Update RC BV $1.50
    Matt Williams-1987 Fleer Update RC BV $1.50
    Will Clark-1986 Fleer Update RC BV $2
    Will Clark-1986 Topps Traded RC BV $1.50
    Sammy Sosa-1990 Fleer RC BV $10
    Sammy Sosa-1990 Topps RC BV $10
    Javy Lopez-1991 Bowman RC BV $3
    Rafael Palmeiro-1987 Topps RC BV $2 (2)
    Randy Johnson-1989 Topps RC BV $4
    Randy Johnson-1989 Score RC BV $4
    Barry Bonds-1987 Topps RC BV $10 (2)
    Mark Prior-2002 Fleer Premium Prospects BV $10 (2)

    Other Inserts & Significant Cards:

    Larry Walker-2000 Pacific Crown Net-Fusions BV $10
    Ken Griffey Jr.-1994 Score The Cycle Insert BV $20
    Barry Bonds-2001 Fleer Platinum Rookie Reprints BV $10
    Barry Bonds-2002 Leaf Certified All-Certified Team BV $10
    Mickey Mantle-1996 Stadium Club BV $10
    Mark McGwire-2000 Donruss Retro BV $4
    Mark Prior-2002 Bowman Chrome Gold BV $6

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    What are you looking for in trade for these two:
    J.R. Richard-2003 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites #d 119/299 BV $5
    Bob Horner-2003 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites #d280/299 BV $5

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    hey enigma i am pretty much looking to trade anything so do you have a web page so i can see what you have.

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  4. Check out the deals at Allgood Collectibles eBay Store
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    I can use your Brandon Webb Chrome RC, what are you looking for in return?


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    Will Clark-1986 Fleer Update RC BV $2
    Will Clark-1986 Topps Traded RC BV $1.50

    I will give you CC for those lmk thanks.

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    Sorry, don't have a site up and running...if you can give me a small list of possible players, I'm sure I can put something together for ya...

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    enigma-if you have any blalock or teixeira rookie cards i would be interested let me know what mattingly's you have too.

    mkotsayfan-i would be interested in your dontrelle willis, rich harden and blalock rc's

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    The Willis, two Hardens, and Blalock book at $31. I could also use your Dwight Evans auto, is there anything else on my site that you like that can fill that $30ish gap? (the Webb and Evans combined book at $62)


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    I'll trade you a 2001 Magglio Ordonez Topps golden anniversary star auto (bv 50) For the Evans auto? lmk

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