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    Trading down for baseball Vince Young SP AUthentic 3 clr Auto patch

    I have a 2006 SP AUthentic Patch Auto Vince Young 069/270 3 CLR #258 1 and 2 colors book for $750 there is currently a 3 color on ebay for $1299. I would like to get around $400-$500 paypal and the rest in lower priced baseball cards. I would like them all to be auto, GU'd, or Patches in price range of $25-$150 will also take other sports but main interest is Baseball.

  2. Kronozio
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    Since I would be taking cards in the $25-$150 range, would you be willing to trade more in Book Value. If so how much more.

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    Depends what you want really. Im not making you take less cards so thats your choice. Just lmk what youd need and we could work on something.

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    Pulled it from pack at shop. Its beautiful, but nothing compared to some cards I have seen pulled out of there in past month. Wish they were all pulled by me. I opened a ton of Authentic to get it though, that is why I am really wanting some cash on the deal to make up for some of what I opened. I listed in ebay store now, but will take it off if I get an offer on here I like before it sells.

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