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Thread: 06 Spx Football box

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    06 Spx Football box

    Heres the highlights:

    Danieal Manning 1011/1299
    Mathias Kiwanuka 503/1299

    Chad Jackson 381/650

    Winning Materials
    Ryan Moats

    Swatch Supremacy
    Sinorice Moss

    Rookie Auto
    DJ Shockley 85/1299

    SPx auto rookie jersey
    Lendale White 1097/1650

    Howd I do guys

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    not too too bad but Could have done Better since u got the White Auto/jersey

    I could use these if for sale or trade

    Danieal Manning 1011/1299v

    Swatch Supremacy
    Sinorice Moss

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    Rookie Auto
    DJ Shockley 85/1299

    please check my bucket for this thanks

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    stainlss do you know what the shockley books for im having a hard time finding it

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    Quote Originally Posted by matdavis721
    okummm how much does the josh brown auto book at?

    sorry all that is left is the winston justice auto and a Sp authentic dominique bryd auto but all my game used is still availible

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    i had trouble finding it also. if the base rookie is an auto the bv is 10 but i think that i got the wrong card. ill try again

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