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    Live break - Topps 52 + 1 Excell random pack

    I sold my ex's ring today and to celebrate I bought dinner and a couple of retail boxes of Topps 52 (just a start since I wanted something now). I'll start posting the packs - two packs per post. Wish me some MOJO!

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    box 1 pack 1:
    Dan Uggla
    Bernie Castro
    Franklin Gutierrez
    Johnny Damon DF
    Ian Kinsler
    Chris Resop

    pack 2:
    Willie Eyre
    Anthony Lerew
    Ramon Ramirez
    Jaime Bubela CHROME Refractor 052/552
    Jaime Bubela (same card but base)
    Jeff Mathis

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    pack 3:
    T.J. Bohn
    Shaun Marcum
    Sean Tracey
    Joe Saunders
    Chris Denorfia
    Hanley Ramirez

    pack 4:
    Jason Bulger
    Ryan Theriot
    Tim Corcoran
    Jason Bergmann CHROME
    Jim Johnson
    Cole Hamels

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    pack 5:
    Ryan Zimmerman
    Brian Wilson
    Stephen Drew
    Mike Napoli/Howie Kendrick DD
    Carlos Marmol
    Buck Coats

    pack 6:
    Scott Olsen
    Paul Hoover
    Nick Masset
    Albert Pujols CHROME
    Chris Sampson
    Chris Mabeus

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    pack 7:
    Bryan Corey
    Ryan O'Malley
    Jose Capellan
    Scott Rolen DF
    Brian Slocum
    Brian Sanches

    last pack:
    Dustin Nippert
    Paul McAnulty
    Jason Hirsh
    Lastings Milledge/John Maine
    Chris Heintz
    Chris Duncan

    Great Box - especially for retail!!

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    I'm going to only list the hits now otherwise the thread will be too long

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    pack 1:

    pack 2:
    Melky Cabrera/Jeff Karstens DD

    pack 3:

    pack 4:
    Chris Roberson CHROME

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    pack 5:
    Jonathan Papelbon/Jon Lester DD

    pack 6:
    Josh Sharpless CHROME Refractor 130/552

    pack 7:

    last pack:
    Jeremy Hermida/Josh Willingham DD

    Not as nice of a box, but I think I got a lot of base I needed.

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    and now the exell random packs - 1 memorablia and one pack

    pack is 06 Topps Turkey Red - doesn't do me any good since I have the set already :(

    memorabilia - 03 Leaf Certified Mirror Red Materials Robert Fick 143/250

    Well, that was a bust.

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    Tough luck my man. How much are those retail boxes?

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