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Thread: My first 1/1

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    Exclamation My first 1/1

    So the story goes......I went to the card shop last night for trade night. I decided against my wifes wishes to buy a pack of cards. I bought one pack of bowman chrome.....and pulled my personally best pull....

    Kurt Warner Yellow Printing Plate 1/1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I did a little dance and got some high was a lot of fun. As a side note my friend bought the last two packs of heritage and pulled a Matt Leinart Auto. Needless to say, it was a very good night. Here is the pic.

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    Very nice pull bro! If you EVER want to move it, let me know.
    Jonathan Vilma super collector in training!
    I also collect Drew Brees, Sean Taylor, Houston Astros, Michigan Wolverine alum and Miami Hurricanes alum.
    I ONLY ship with bubble mailers and expect the same from you. Doesn't matter if its base or high end. USPS is too unreliable to ship in PWE. #CardLivesMatter

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    Kurt was the man for a while. It does sound like you and your friend had a great nite at the shop. Congrualations.

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    Nice pull, especially for just 1 pack! Congrats!

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