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    Looking for kobe G/U, Auto or high end inserts!!!

    Here is my tradelist right now
    99-00 Topps Chrome Instant Impacts REF Tim Dunca
    01-02 UD Sweetshot Desmond Mason Auto
    97-98 SPx Gold, Bronze Tim Duncan RC
    02-03 Finest Caron Butler RC Auto
    02-03 Finest Juan Dixon RC Auto
    97-98 Fleer Decade of Excellence & parallel R.Miller
    02-03 UD Glass Clear Winners Duncan
    98-99 SPx Radiance Tim Duncan
    98-99 Topps Chrome Instinctive Force REF Duncan
    02-03 Finest Jersey REF Duncan
    97-98 UD Rookie Discovery II Duncan
    99-00 Stadium Club Chrome First day Issue Duncan
    97-98 Bowman's Best Best Cuts Ato.REf Duncan
    01-02 Fleer Force Emblematic Ray Allen Patch
    99-00 Fleer C.Maggette RC Auto
    96-97 Fleer A.Walker RC Auto
    91-92 Fleer Mutombo Auto
    93-94 Fleer Ultra Malone Auto
    99-00 UD Encore Game Jersey Francis RC Jersey (4 clr patch)
    02-03 Finest REF Auto Nene RC
    02-03 UD Honor Roll Signature class M.Miller

    Some of these would be very hard to get...
    I also accept cash so make me an offer! Thanks

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    need any of these?

    97-98 Fleer Rookie Rewind Kobe Bryant BV10
    98-99 Stadium Club Wing Men Kobe Bryant bv8
    00-01 Topps no limit Kobe Bryant bv4
    00-01 Fleer Hardcourt Classics Kobe Bryant bv4
    00-01 UD Touch the Sky Kobe Bryant insert bv4
    00-01 UD Encore Powerful Stuff Kobe Bryant bv6
    00-01 Ultra Air Club for Men Kobe Bryant bv4
    04-05 UD Flight Team Kobe Bryant bv 4
    04/05 Fleer Showcase Playmakers Kobe bv5
    06/07 UD Ovation Superstar theatre Kobe bv6

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    i liked this: 01-02 UD Sweetshot Desmond Mason Auto
    i got a nice kobe rc...plmk if you are interested

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    panthers- Nah, I dont need any of those...Thanks though

    GTballer- Which kobe do you have?

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