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Thread: I need braves Autos..certified

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    I need braves Autos..certified

    I currently have 1 Braves Auto:

    Gary Sheffield.

    I need these guys:

    Russ Ortiz
    Mike Hampton

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    Don't have that kind of money to buy with.

    I am interested though.

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    you may or may not be interested int his it is a 99 team best bruce chen when he was a can have it for 1.00 and an sase.lmk.

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    Nah..Looking for Current braves..Chen was the biggest bust anyways..he was suppose to be the next big thing in Atlanta.

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    i have a David Cortes... he plays for richmond braves... lmk if interested... it is a SP Chirography..... i would prefer to sell for 4.00 shipped but will trade for maggs

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    No thanks Tutall..I'm really looking for the guys I had listed or current braves on the Major League roster.

    Anyone else?

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    2000 Just2K Rafael Furcal

    Id like to in some way get that lynn

    03 stadium club andy martes gold rc & furcal for lynn lmk

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    Have a Robert Fick 2001 Donruss Signature Auto But it with him in a Tigers Uni. LMK

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