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Thread: Freddy Sanchez auto

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    Freddy Sanchez auto

    Is anyone interested in this?
    2002 Bowmans Best Freddy Sanchez Gold autograph bv$50.
    I am listening to all offers, I can take a auto lower than $50!!

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    What autos in that range could you trade for it?

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    Depeding on what you want, I'm pretty sure I could p[art with anything $50 under....except Baldelli.

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    Living in Baltimore I really like the Brooks auto.
    I also like teh Helton signature, Both the Rolen and Chavez Bowman autos, Magglio signature, Gagne auto too. Lmk what you can do

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    Ok, I can;t part with the Gagne, or Heltons....

    But I can do either of Brooks, Magglio, or Chavez Autos

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