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    Looking for Game Used, Autos BV 20 plus..

    I am looking to buy or trade for all Auto's, Game Used, Patches that book for 20.00 plus. I will pay 5-6.00 for a 20.00 card. I will pay up to 20 for a card bv 45-50.00 ect. Please list you cards booking 20.00 plus here and whether you would like to sell or trade. You can check my photobucket for possible trades. I will be adding to it all through this weekend. You can pm me or email me at for the fastest replies. Thanks Alot.

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    2003 Donruss Classics Tony Gwynn Legendary Spikes (BV $100)
    2004 Donruss Classics Tony Gwynn Dress Code (BV $50)
    2003 Donruss Classics Mel Off Legendary Lumberjacks (BV $120)
    2004 Leaf Certified Materials Roy Campanella FoTG (BV $60)
    2001 Donruss Harmon Killebrew Bat Kings (BV $50)
    2003 Donruss Classics Nolan Ryan VIP Membership (BV $100)
    2003 Donruss Classics Jackie Robinson LoTF Jersey (BV $90)
    2003 Donruss Classics Ernie Banks VIP Membership (BV $70)
    2003 Donruss Classics Duke Snider LoTF Jersey (BV $50)

    $690 book value, would do the lot for $350.
    Always looking for 2003 Donruss Classics Baseball inserts I don't have.

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