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Thread: Few New Highend for Trade!

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    Few New Highend for Trade!

    Picked up a few new higher end cards today. Looking to see if I can make any trades.

    Marques Colston 2006 Playoff Contenders RC Auto BV $150
    Chad Johnson 2001 SPX RC Auto Jersey /550 BV $100
    Maurice Drew 2006 Topps Chrome RC Auto PSA 10 (regular books $80)
    Vince Young 2006 Leaf Limited RC Auto 3 color Patch /100 BV $150 (not for trade at book)

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    Hey Jim nice cards...I thought I took your Colston Contenders? You got a copy machine?lol. What do you need for the Vince...

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    OK, just let me know what you are one of the only ones always welcome to my PC with the cards you have my I want a shot at that incoming Unitas auto when you get it if it is for trade.....
    Quote Originally Posted by htwheelz01
    I might trade it for some of that PC.

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    That Unitas is gonna be for trade. But lol for what I am not sure. I will send you a PM.

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    if you still have the young, i'd like a shot at it. check my bucket, including pc. thanks

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    like the Young. Check my site for something. Thanks

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    I still got it for now. Rice Auto Jersey /25 is gonna be tough to beat though. I honestly didn't see a whole lot I could use to be honest.

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