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Thread: Assorted Autos And Gu'ed

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    Assorted Autos And Gu'ed

    06 UPPER DECK:
    V Young upper deck limited rookie
    L Maroney upper deck limited rookie
    M Huff upper deck limited rookie
    L Maroney upper deck rookie futures jersey dk blue PEND
    C Frye 06 upper deck game jersey brown

    01 William Perry fleer focus tag teams gu drk jersey
    04 R Williams/G Jones honors rookie tandems both teal green gu
    04 Reggie Williams skybox limited sky's the limit gu white 18/25
    04 D McAllister flair gridiron cuts emerald green gu
    05 D Brees reflections fabric white gu
    03 D Brees fleer platinum platinum portraits white gu
    05 J Campbell absolute retail rookie jersey collection red gu
    05 J Campbell sweet spots sweet swatches red gu
    03 A Boldin finite finite jerseys red gu 79/99
    03 A boldin leaf rookies and stars freshman orientation red gu 585/600
    05 A pacman Jones honors rookie gems drk blue gu 390/750
    04 M Schaub bazooka college collections college uni drk gu
    05 B Edwards upper deck rookie jersey collection brown gu
    03 D McAllister upper deck ud game jersey patch cards names 3 color white/gold/black part of the letter "A"
    03 Bethel Johnson sp rookie patch 2 color blue silver part of letter
    04 D Henderson hogg heaven rookie premiere hoggs /750 dk jersey
    04 D henderson honors rookie gems /750 gu
    04 W McGahee upper deck all star line-up future gems dk blue gu
    02 J walker hot prospects hot materials green gu

    Ladainian Tomlinson:
    01 fleer hot prospects rookie premiere postmarks jersey /1775
    01 dynagon retail rookie #108 psa graded gem mint 10
    03 absolute glass plaque white jersey /250

    Complete Sets:
    (KEY ROOKIE) M Faulk

    (KEY ROOKIES) McNair, Collins, Terrell Davis, Galloway, C Martin, Chrebet, Rob Johnson, Ty Law, W Sapp


    ( KEY ROOKIES) Harrison, George, S Davis, Keyshawn Johnson, T Glenn, T Owens, Jamal Anderson


    (KEY ROOKIES) Plummer, Tiki Barber, W Dunn, Gonzalez, C Dillon, Ike Hilliard



    05 R Johnson bazooka all-stars pro bowl gu red
    04 C Perry reflections focus on the future black gu
    05 C Johnson longevity gold parallel /99 white gu TRADED

    04 B Berrian reflections signature reflections
    00 C Bailey sp auth sign of the times
    05 D Branch longevity sunday signatures gold parallel /50
    99 K Faulk triumph rookie auto black ink
    05 JP Losman donruss classics significant signatures gold parallel /100
    05 J Horn reflections signature reflections gold parallel /89

    heres another list I left the $$ on them just incase

    1995 Steve Young playoff pigskin preview #2


    Drew Bledsoe pacific paramount ball w/writing on it $8

    Az-Zahir Hakim ultimate victory super bowl XXXIV blue $3

    Travis Taylor rookie black diamond #173 ravens purple ravens $2


    Jimmy Smith atomic white jersey $4

    Jesse Palmer fleer hot prospects rookie premiere post marks jersey blue $2

    Wayne Chrebet fleer game time game time uniformity green $4

    Freddie Mitchell fleer traditions rc retro threads ball $2

    Freddie Mitchell fleer traditions rc retro threads green jersey x2 $3ea

    Luther Elliss topps stars pro-bowl jersey white $3

    Chris Taylor bowman hula bowl jersey dark green $3

    Olandis Gary donruss classics team colors blue $3

    Quadry Ismail/Patrick Johnson/Brandon Stokley impressions triple threads
    Ravens all purple jerseys $4

    Bryan Gilmore/Jermaine Lewis titanium dual jersey white/purple $3

    Ike Hilliard atomic blue jersey $4

    Terance Mathis atomic black jersey $3

    Shawn Bryson invincible blue jersey 710/750 $3

    Kevin Johnson ultra Sunday best white jersey $3

    Junior Seau topps pro-bowl white $5

    Marvin Minnis Leaf rc & stars freshman or. red $3

    Thurman Thomas/J.J Johnson dual patch
    teal/white Thomas- white/orange Johnson dolphins $10

    Jeff Garcia ud vintage red 49’ers $3

    Paul Hornung topps archives stadium seats milwaukee county stadium
    packers $8

    Robert Ferguson absolute jersey/ball #180 401/850 packers $5

    Travis Henry bowmans best rookie jersey #113 483/999 2 colors red/blue bills $4

    Daunte Culpepper fleer showcase showcase stitches purple vikings $4

    Ernie Conwell/Chris Gedney vanguard dual jerseys blue/white rams/cards $4


    Marshall Faulk atomic blue $7

    Emmitt Smith fleer genuine blue part of number has some soft corners $10

    London Fletcher ud big game jersey blue $2

    Steve McNair fleer score box score yard markers blue $3

    Marshall Faulk score box score yard markers white $5

    Daunte Culpepper fleer showcase air to the throne white $3

    Kurt Warner fleer showcase air to the throne white $5

    Fred Taylor fleer platinum platinum portraits green $3

    Drew Brees fleer platinum portraits white $3

    Marshall Faulk piece of the game white TRADED

    Edderinn James piece of the game #19 2 color white/blue part of number $5

    Patrick Ramsey Leaf rc & stars freshman orientation red #fo-8 462/650 $5

    Joey Harrington topps pristine reebok rc premiere blue $2

    Bubba Franks topps heritage gridiron collection pro-bowl white/999 $6
    Mark Brunell topps pristine driving force teal green $2

    Rod Gardner ud XL big time jersey white /500 $2

    Travis Stephens sweet spot gallery jersey red $2

    Ron Johnson ud bound for glory glory bound white $2

    David Terrell mvp souvenirs jersey dark black blue $2

    Champ Bailey mvp souvenirs jersey red $3

    Ron Dayne ud piece of history big game jersey white $3

    Keyshawn Johnson ud pros & prospects game day jersey white /350 $2

    Keyshawn Johnson ud first team fabrics red jersey $2

    Tim Couch piece of the game jersey white $2

    Mark Brunell piece of the game pro-bowl jersey red $4

    Duce Staley fleer premium prem team jersey white x2 $3ea

    Curtis Martin fleer premium all-pro team green jersey $3

    Curtis Martin fleer box score press clippings two types of material green $3

    Randall Cunningham titanium post season edition blue cowboys $4

    Koren Robinson/Alex Bannister titanium dual jersey blue/blue seahawks $5

    Corey Dillon fleer showcase footballs best XL black bengals $4

    Joey Harrington hot prospects hot materials lions $3

    William Green hot prospects hot materials browns $3

    Chad Pennington/Lamont Jordan ud mvp souvenirs dual jerseys both green $4

    DeShaun Foster sweet spot rookie gallery panthers $4

    Jevon Kearse focus jersey ed. roy the collection jersey blue titans $4

    Steve McNair/Eddie George piece of the game team connections dual jersey
    both white #59 100/500 titans $4

    Marshall Faulk ovation gold jersey rams $7

    Tim Couch ud honor roll up and coming orange browns $2

    Josh Reed spa rookie patch #225 blue /850 $15


    Mike Alstott ud hoor roll deans list red jersey silver parallel /200 $3

    Fred Taylor donruss kings gridiron cut teal green #gc-58 350/475 $3

    Marcus Allen donruss classics classic materials
    part of shoulder pad #cm-11 163/400 $18

    Bethel Johnson rookie topps pristine blue parallel blue jersey #98 146/499 $3

    Anquan Boldin leaf rc & stars freshman orientation #fo-21 585/600 $8

    Anquan Boldin finite jersey red 79/99 $8

    Tyrone Calico leaf cert. freshman fabric #ff-169
    mirror red ball/jersey blue 77/150 $5

    Randy Moss flair showcase hot hands purple die-cut $4

    Isaac Bruce flair a cut above white $4

    DeWayne Robertson absolute rookie materials
    ball w/writing/green jersey #177 581/750 $3

    Bryant Johnson absolute rookie materials
    ball/jersey red #168 500/750 $6

    Eddie George absolute pro-bowl souvenirs red #pb-1 356/400 $5

    Clinton Portis absolute canton absolutes orange #5 139/150 $7

    Kliff Kingsbury/Bethel Johnson honors
    jersey tandems both dark blue #jt-13 $3

    Chris Brown hogg heaven rookie dk blue #215 83/750 $5

    Kurt warner ud mvp ball $5

    Kliff Kingsury/Bethel Johnson sp authentic double jersey both blue $3

    Kyle Boller ud honor roll deans list purple $3

    Brad Banks sage black jersey $4

    Steve McNair ud game jersey card blue $3

    Antwaan Randle el sp game used edition jersey #164 white $3

    Darnerian McCants ud honor roll deans list white $3

    Nate Burleson topps pristine rookie premiere vikings $3

    Artose Pinner topps pristine rookie premiere lions $2

    Bryant Johnson leaf cert. mat. freshman fabric #ff-168 two colors red/white
    1243/1250 cards $6

    Randy Moss flair canton calling purple die-cut vikings $5


    Deuce McAllister flair gridiron cut green jersey green $3

    Rod Smith leaf cert mirror white blue jersey #38 /250 $5

    Cory Dillon/Cody Pickett topps draft picks
    old school dual jersey both white 53/199 $11

    Chris Perry topps pristine rookie revolution black $3

    Bazooka Originals:
    Cedric Cobbs white $3
    Greg Jones white $4
    Kellen Winslow white $4
    Luke McCown white $3
    Dunta Robinson dk blue $3

    Bazooka all stars pro-bowl:
    Jeff Wilkins blue $3
    Alex Bannister blue $3
    Orlando Pace blue $3

    Matt Schaub bazooka college coll. black $5

    Cedric Cobbs absolute ball/jersey white #223 522/750 $5

    Isaac Bruce absolute tools of the trade blue 9/100 $4

    Stephens Davis absolute tools of the trade white 75/100 $4

    Devery Henderson honors rookie gems black #224 318/750 $4

    Dan Morgan/DeShaun Foster honors alma mater
    materials both white jerseys 53/100 $5

    Greg Jones/Reggie Williams honors rookie tandems both teal green $4

    Devery Henderson hogg heaven rookie premiere hoggs black #172 6/750 $4

    Jeff Garcia/Marc Bulger donruss elite face to face
    each with dual face masks 9/125 $5

    Reggie Williams skybox L.E. sky’s the limit white 18/25 $10

    Jevon Kearse leaf cert. mat mirror white lite blue #94 161/250 $4

    Marcel Shipp leaf cert mat cert potential infinite red #20 23/25 $12

    J.P. Losman leaf cert mat rookie mirror white blue #206 191/1250 $6

    Jeremy Shockey leaf cert mat fabric of the game blue 83/100 $5

    Bethel Johnson reflections white $2

    Matt Schaub foundations rc jersey white #252 $4

    Chad Johnson upper deck game jersey black TRADED

    Chris Perry reflections focus on the future black $4

    Willis McGahee upper deck all-stars future gems blue $4

    Ty Law topps pristine clutch performer blue jerssey patriots $4

    Ben Troupe bazooka rookie roundup jersey titans $3

    Greg Jones nfl legends future nfl legends jaguars teal green $4


    Jason Campbell absolute retail nno foil front red jersey $5

    Jason Campbell ud sweet swatches red jersey $6

    Lee Evans/Roscoe Parrish reflections cut from the same cloth dk blue/blue $5

    Josh McCown zenith zenith jerseys gold parallel #3 52/100
    red number w/white dirty jersey $12

    Bazzoka all-stars:
    Rudi Johnson pro-bowl red $4
    Mark Clayton originals white $4
    Eric Shelton originals white $4

    Chris Brown/Drew Bennett spx winning materials dk blue/white $5

    Steve McNair reflections fabrics dk blue $3

    Drew Brees reflections fabric white $3

    Vernand Morency longevity rookie #278 red patch gold parallel 12/50 $10

    Adams Jones honors rookie gems #201 390/750 dk blue $3

    Vincent Jackson absolute rookie #234 259/750 ball/jersey blue $4 SOLD

    Ciatrick Fason absolute jersey/ball $3


    Natrone Means 1998 collectors edge gu’ed ball

    Kobe Bryant 1998 collectors edge gu’ed ball $10

    David West basketball Bazooka jersey white

    I have this 03 Upper Deck 3 color Deuce McAllister gameday name patch white/gold/black. either looking to sell or trade for a HOF auto. the screwdown is a little scratchec up so the picture isn't of good clarity. card is mint.


    05 topps finest Roddy White finest autograph refractor

    05 topps finest Troy Williamson finest autograph x-factor /199

    04 sage Reggie Williams silver auto /270

    05 presspass Troy Williamson bronze auto oncard

    05 reflections Joe Horn auto gold /89


    1992: oncard autos
    Marquez Pope pro-line portraits

    Lance Smith pro-line portraits

    1994: oncard
    Thomas Lewis signature rookies #37

    1995: oncard
    David Dunn signature rookies #26

    Hugh Douglas signature rookies #25

    Mark Bruener signature rookies #14

    Pete Mitchell superior pix #83 177/6,500

    1996: oncard
    Steve Taneyhill pro-line classic blue ink

    1997: oncard

    Willie Davis/Lake Dawson stadium club co-signers #co81

    Garrison Hearst skybox bengals

    Thomas Lewis skybox giants

    Rae Carruth score board ’97 draft pick

    Travis Best Basketball skybox

    1998: oncard

    Duce Staley skybox autographics

    Kevin Greene edge first place rookie ink

    Wayne Chrebet edge odyssey

    Tavian Banks rc edge odyssey


    D’Wayne Bates edge first place pro-signatures oncard

    Kevin Faulk edge triumph rookie oncard

    Greg Hill upper deck mvp prosign oncard

    Patrick Jeffers cowboys skybox autographics

    Stephen Alexander redskins broncos skybox autographics

    Cam Cleeland saints skybox autographics

    Antowain Smith bills skybox autographics

    Jevon Kearse presspass SOLD


    Champ Bailey sp auth sign of the times

    Curtis Keaton sage /999

    Fleer Autographics:
    Rob Johnson bills
    Amani Toomer giants
    Troy Walters rookie x2
    Tim Biakabutuka silver 4/250

    Ray Lucas sp authentic sott

    Herman Moore ’97 sp authentic buy back 1/5 vhtg

    Eddie George absolute boss hoggs

    Champ Bailey sp auth.sott redskins

    Donald Hayes panthers topps

    David Rivers bowmans best

    Michael Bennett rookie ovation #135 /250 vikings


    Chad Pennington score personalized inscriptions
    #’ed jersey # 10/25 VHTG

    UD SPX:
    Kahlil Hill rookie /999
    Cliff Russell rookie /999
    Anthony Thomas supreme signature

    Antonio Bryant ud graded /550

    Ron Johnson ravens rookie topps pristine

    Andre Davis browns rookie topps pristine

    Marcus Robinson contenders all-time contenders

    Tavon Mason contenders rookie ticket /690

    Terry Charles contenders rookie ticket /750

    Doug Johnson playoff preffered bronze


    Andre Woolfolk rookie contenders /989

    Arlen Harris contenders rookie preview ticket 18/25

    Shaun McDonald rookie contenders /899

    Rohan Davey upper deck standing “o”

    Bryant Johnson sp authentic sott

    LaTarence Dunbar rookie sp authentic /1200

    Dahrran Diedrick sage hit

    Kliff Kingsbury rookie topps finest

    Kevin Garrett rookie bowman chrome

    Sam Aiken rookie bowman chrome

    Marcel Shipp topps

    Bryant Johnson topps pristine

    Teyo Johnson topps pristine

    Taylor Jacobs topps pristine

    Talman Gardner topps all-american


    Mark Clayton ud legends dolphins

    Manny Fernandez ud legends dolphins

    Luke McCown hogg heaven 100/150

    Kendrick Starling rookie contenders

    LeCharles Bentley score no auto didn’t sign

    Bernard Berrian ud reflections

    P.K. Sam rookie bowmans best

    Rod Rutherford sage hit

    David Carr fleer authentic 31/75


    Chris Brown absolute marks of fame auto/gu drk blue 40/250

    J.P. Losman donruss classics significate signatures /100

    Troy Williamson topps finest finest autograph xfactor

    Joe Horn reflections gold /89

    Roddy White topps finest finest autographs

    Deion Branch longevity sunday signatures gold parallel /50

    J.R. Russell donruss classics rc auto #235 /499

    Rod Coleman score inscriptions

    David Bowens turkey red

    Taylor Stubblefield rookie foundations #204 423/699

    Damien Nash bowmans best rookie auto #139 650/999

    Assorted Autographs:

    Andrei Fetisov basketball Russia 1994 classic 4 sport cards $1

    Doug Million baseball 1995 classic 5 sport blue ink $1

    Randy Winn baseball 1997 Best Cards Cane County Cougars black ink $1

    Bubba Trammell baseball 1997 Best Cards Detroit Tigers blue ink $1

    Jeff Liefer baseball 1997 Best Cards Calgary Cannons blue ink $1

    Andre King 1997 Best Cards some team w/”w”and wild boar as emblem $1

    Mark redman 1997 Best Cards Miracle blue ink $1

    please list here what you have for trade, thanks
    ONLY looking for Patches and Autos of Brady,Peterson,Barry Sanders, Walter Payton,Jim Brown, Old School, HOF players and items of Randy Rhoads & OZZY.

    link to bucket:
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    I do not collect base or inserts, so don't offer them

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    are you trading or selling??? I have a list of cards that I like of yours. Can you check my site and LMK if you see anything on my List No Scans or on my Scans page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by golfman61
    are you trading or selling??? I have a list of cards that I like of yours. Can you check my site and LMK if you see anything on my List No Scans or on my Scans page.
    either or, what of mine are you interested in and then I can see what i like from your trade page

  4. Kronozio
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    i like these:
    Paul Hornung topps archives stadium seats milwaukee county stadium
    packers $8

    Robert Ferguson absolute jersey/ball #180 401/850 packers $5

    here is a tradelist

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    Quote Originally Posted by rchurchward
    i like these:
    Paul Hornung topps archives stadium seats milwaukee county stadium
    packers $8

    Robert Ferguson absolute jersey/ball #180 401/850 packers $5

    here is a tradelist

    what does the caddy spx gu'ed book for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by maddmaxx714
    what does the caddy spx gu'ed book for?
    books for $12

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    What might you like for the Losman auto? Take a look at my on-site list.

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    lmk what game used you would trade for inserts, rookies, #'d cards, and refractors in your favor. lmk thanx

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    Quote Originally Posted by rchurchward
    books for $12
    I could do the ferguson bv15 for the caddy bv and a $3 rookie.

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    westcoast, couldn't find your thread.

    renidadawg, only looking for autso and gu'ed, no longer collecting base inserts or #'ed cards

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