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Thread: Looking For These Cards

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    Looking For These Cards

    I am looking for rookies, Jerseys, or autos of the players listed below. If you have any cards of these players, please look at my trade list in my signature for possible trades. I will trade in your favor. These are the main cards I am looking for. If you are interested in any of my cards I will possibly trade for something other than these ones or sell the cards.

    Jordan Staal Young Guns or Fleer Ultra Rookie
    Jordan Staal UD Series 2 Rookie Material
    Evgeni Malkin Young Guns or Fleer Ultra Rookie
    Evgeni Malkin Jersey Card
    Sidney Crosby Rookie or Jersey Card
    Marc-Andre Fleury Young Guns Rookie
    Marc-Andre Fleury Jersey or Auto

    Willie Parker Rookie
    Troy Polamalu Rookie
    Santonio Holmes UD Future Jersey
    Santonio Holmes/AJ Hawk UD Dual Future Jersey
    Ben Roethlisberger Rookie or Jersey
    Anthony Smith Contenders Autograph

    Andrew McCutchen Rookies

    Dwight Howard Rookie or Jersey

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I've got two of the UD Santonio Holmes Jerseys. Here's one of them;

    I'm interested in the Peyton Manning Prime Rookie. LMK.

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    Hey!!!! I'd be Interested in that Jerry Rice "Super Tix"... Is That a GU Card???



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    It has a super bowl relic ticket on the back of it. I think it's relic. I can scan the back for you and send it to ya.

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    Hey!!!! LMK BV on it.. I Have a Big Ben Jsy Card For Trade....


    THANKS ALOT!!!!!

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