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Thread: Colt Comeback

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    Colt Comeback

    28 Points in the 4th quarter for the Colts against the Bucs defense to tie. 21 of them came in the last 3 minutes. Manning without a doubt is the best QB in the NFL when in the hurry-up offense.

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    yep great game going on. I Posted the same thread as you in the Off-topic section. My bad.

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    yep. Everyone has been hyping up the Colt's defense this year, and its time to live up to the hype. Tampa doesnt really have a great offense, so its anyones game.


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    So which Peyton Manning performance was the most amazing?

    1) Last week's 6 touchdown throws against the Saints
    2) Tonight's 28 point comeback against the highly touted Buc defense.

    I have to go with tonight's performance.

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    I agree. 6 touchdowns is great and all, but that game was a blowout. Tonights game really shows Mannings and Harrisons true talent.

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    Well thats gay. colts special teams may of ruined their chance at a win. Great acting job by Tampas punter.

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    Turns out Tampa punts it away after failing to advance the ball following the penalty. Dungy didn't rush the kicker that time lol. Time for Manning to shine again.

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    Haha yea, that would of been a perfect time for Tampa to do a fake punt. bUt that would be crazy risky.

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    The way Manning and Harrison are playing that wouldn't have been a bad idea. Gruden isn't much of a risktaker that I know of on the offensive side of the football though.

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