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Thread: want some new stuff

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    want some new stuff

    I am looking for some new autos and patches I want to look through buckets and see what I can find. Check out mine see if you like anything and then I will check yours. Thanks

  2. Kronozio
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    Id love to have a shot at your Calhoun SP authentic jsy/auto.. Whats the BV on it???


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    eaglesfan I pmed you

    Prophet- what is the bv on the Elways and the Bradshaw and also not exactly sure on bv I dont have a new beckett

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    Elways are gone if/when I get my next check.

    Bradshaw BV 50

    Calhoun is BV NA

    If your interested in the Bradshaw, what do you have BV into the Calhoun??
    I might be able to make a cash offer from there

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    I might hold out a little bit not in a rush to part with the SPA because of the value they collect if you see anything else for the Bradshaw let me know. I was really hoping to get that Elway patch thanks for looking though

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    Ok I will keep ya in mind once the BV's on that stuff are released and we will go from there. I might have an offer for some packer stuff which would be great as well for me.


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    I like these:

    Calhoun SPA
    Croyle GG Auto
    Addai Bowman Chrome RC

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    please check my list for the Avant Sweet Spot, not much in my list, but I will trade multiples.

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