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Thread: new guy with a question

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    new guy with a question

    I haven't collected cards in quite a few years, and have lost interest in the stuff I still have. I've decided to get everything out and try and start selling it off. I guess I'm looking for suggestions as to the best place(s) to do that.


    Are there other online forums where there's active buying and selling? Just poking around here it seems like there's mostly trading, and I don't need to trade for more sportscards.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions...

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    Hey, this place, along with Ebay is great for selling. There are some people here that refuse to buy, but others will jump at a good offer. Ebay is risky because you don't know what you'll get for an item, unless you set a reserve. Here, you are able to sell and negotiate prices with someone on a more personal level than Ebay would be. However, both are decent avenues to sell your collection. Good luck.

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    Welcome to SCF! You can try selling some of your stuff on here. If not then yeah ebay is the best place.

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    Welcome to SCF, and I hope you enjoy the site as much as I do!

    Ebay isn't bad. More people will see what you have to sell on ebay than here. However, I think SCF is safer, and the transactions seem smoother and quicker. That's probably just because my experiences with bad sellers on ebay.

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    Welcome to the site!
    Ebay is good for traffic, more people will see your stuff, but i like here better, safer, smoother, negotiable.

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    Welcome to SCF! So what are you selling, you know what sport(s)? Of course there are other avenues but here is safer and easier to talk to people. You might want to read the rules concerning sales/trades in which ever sport you pick. If you have any questions please feel free to ask away.

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    Welcome! You will have a great time here.
    I trade by Beckett bv ONLY. I only collect gu and autos.
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