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    Triple Threads Break - Serious Triple Auto/Jersey Mojo!

    I have gotten the fever lately and have been breaking a few lower end products, some Chrome hobby boxes and a few retail blasters after my Contenders and SPA splurge (see my other box break post). I haven't pulled anything real special so I decided to step it up today and go for a higher end product. I have been pretty impressed with the Triple Thread breaks I have seen posted lately and it seemed to be more in my price range so I decided to pick up the last box available at my local card shop. They sold the box before mine the other day and said the guy that bought it pulled a Namath auto and a Chad Jackson triple jersey out of his box. I was hoping that the Namath wasn't the case hit but I don't really know too much about how all that works and they said the boxes they had might have come out of different cases so I decided to go for it. After stalling to eat lunch and clean up my desk I decided to go for it.

    First pack had three base including an LT which I collect and two parallels, a Curtis martin #d 466/499 and a Santana Moss #d 04/99. The pack hit was a Ronnie Brown triple jersey #d 3/18, not too shabby but not exactly what I was hoping for.

    Second pack was three more base cards and two more parallels, a Daunte Culpepper #d 386/499 and a Hines Ward #d 9/199. Again pretty average but not terrible. Of course I have saved the mojo for last and it actually was the last card I saw. Up until then I was thinking the break was kind of a bust.

    Sorry the pics aren't super clear. My camera does much better at a distance.

    Base cards


    Minor mojo

    Major MOJO!!! I had to do a double or maybe even a triple take because I thought I was seeing double. It's the card on the lid of the box!!! Except mine has three different colored jerseys. A triple auto jersey featuring Favre, Elway and Marino...triple HOFer pull!!!

    I am really happy with my first high end break. Let me know what you think!

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    Simply amazing. That major mojo there will fetch a TON on ebay.

    I'm interested in your base cards. I'd prefer to trade. check out my bucket.

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    Thats a killer pull Dukester.. A real nice card.

    BTW When did Ronnie Disappear.. I never knew he was MIA ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pr0phet
    Thats a killer pull Dukester.. A real nice card.

    BTW When did Ronnie Disappear.. I never knew he was MIA ;)
    Talk to Dolphins fans, they're QUITE aware that he's MIA :) Great great pull. I'll give you a jar of buttons and $3.72 for it. If that works, post it up :) Good luck with it on ebay!

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    Thanks for the props all. I was feeling pretty bummed when all I had to show for my $190 was a Ronnie Brown triple jersey.

    jdio 13, the card is #d 10/27. Not the lowest #ing but I am totally stoked due to the players included. :)

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