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Thread: Trading Rookies Lots of 2006

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    Trading Rookies Lots of 2006

    All of the below are 2006 rookies

    Victor Adenyaju SPA
    Kevin McMahan SPA
    S.Holmes B.Chrome
    B.Croyle B.Chrome
    Whitehurst B.Chrome
    B.Calhoun B.Chrome
    D'Qwell B.Chrome
    T.Wilson UD Rookie Debut
    Bush 8306
    Bush Turn Back Clock
    De.Williams Turn Back Clock
    De.Williams Topps
    V.Y. Topps
    V.Y. Donruss Thanksgiving
    T.Hali Turkey Black
    VY Hot Rookies
    M.Leinart Fleer Futures
    M.Leinart R.Bush Score
    S.Holmes Press Pass SE
    R.Bush Sage HIT
    J.Cutler Sage HIT Silver
    M.Bell Sage HIT Blue
    De.Williams Fantasy Top 25
    J.Williams Limited
    M.Lawson Limited

    Other Rookies

    Vick Crown Royale 2001
    Caddy Total 2005
    T.Murphy DPP 2005 Chrome
    D.Greene DPP 2005
    Alex Smith TE DPP 2005
    Big Ben Rookie Debut
    Frank Gore Score

    LT 2001 (TCU Uni) BV 30

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I also have 2005 topps complete and 2006 spa complete base. I could do those and this as a lot for 25 dlvd

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    Is anybody interested? make me an offer if you are

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