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Thread: 06 ud special F/X box break

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    06 ud special F/X box break

    V.Guerrero gu
    A.Jones gu
    J.Willingham auto
    R.Abercrombie auto
    P.Maholm auto
    D.Wright run producers
    A.Pujols run producers
    TY.Cobb run producers
    D.Jeter run producers
    R.Clemens/Koji Uehara worls series classics counterparts

    not a bad break. if anyone knows anything about if the autos are of good platers let me know i hav enever heard of any of them

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    Ive at least heard of the autos, only one I know specifically is Willingham. I think hes the catcher for the Marlins, pretty good prospect.

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    If they're FT, I could use the Vlad GU and the Wright insert. Please check my site, and I'll see if I have any inserts of the guys in your sig.


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    If this is available for trade, please take a look at my bucket.
    P.Maholm auto
    I trade by Beckett bv ONLY. I only collect gu and autos.
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    I'll take any Pujols you pulled from your box. I have some Ichiros and should have a couple of Johjimas listed on my page (including a Sweet Spot Update RC that I don't have listed yet). You may even find something else you may want as I have a bunch of FB inserts listed too.

    Wantlist to everything I collect and tradelist:
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    I pulled the exactly same 3 autos from a Box of FX earlier this month.

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    Pull any Kenny Lofton or Joey Gathright from the box?

    lmk thanks,

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