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    Jeter RC

    Hello Fellow Collectors,

    Just picked up a box of 1993 Topps at an auction and have an extra Derek Jeter rc #98 I would like to sell.I believe it books 15.The best money offer by tonight gets the card.Just post below what you would pay including shipping so everyone can see and its fair and tonight ill pm who ever gives the best bid.Thanks for looking.

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    bump ill sell it to the first to pm me for 4 and either an sase or padded for another2

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    could you describe the condition of the card for all of us?

    are the corners razor sharp?
    card well-centered?
    any stains?
    any creases?

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    no one seemed interested or pmed yet so thats why i dint tell anyone.Plus if i just pulled it from the box like i stated i dont think its going to have creases or stains if anything it would be off centered.its perfect.

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