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Thread: Let's Make A Deal!!!!

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    Let's Make A Deal!!!!

    Looking to make a few trades today. Let me know if anything in my bucket interest you.

    Will consider trading for most anything but players in my sig get priority.

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    Interested in the Bowman Chrome Reggie Bush
    Check my bucket and LMK

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    i like the jackie smith legends auto, if i have anything you need for it
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    Hey!!! I need these 2 Peyton Manning Inserts "Super Natural" & "Game Plan"...

    LMK what Ya Need in Trade for them....

    THANKS ALOT!!!!!

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    I like the Rogers 2-color GU. Take a look at my on-site list?

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    tykke05 - didn't see anything for the Bush, thanks

    palantri - you've been wanting that Smith for a while huh? LOL Any idea of a BV on the Turkey Red Leonard Pope?

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    I like these:

    Favre/Green/Walker triple
    Ahman Green patch
    Favre 1991 Stadium Club RC

    LMK if I have anything you need

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    campbell2004 - the Holt is a team logo so I need a premium for it. The Gonzalez has a slightly dinged corner, came out of the pack that way. I am interested in your Bush BC Refractor, Young Refractor and SPA Joe Klop.

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    Duane- no idea on the Pope, since I dont know which variation it is going to be. It is actually in negotiations with another trader, so I dont feel comfortable trading it until I consult with him. Anything else of interest? I think that is the only pending card on the whole list...
    Owner of Roundtablegaming

    Find me on Twitter @rtghobbies

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