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    Updated my site again! Let's Trade!

    I went through and updated my site yesterday in hopes of making a few trades. I was able to make a few good trades yesterday and want to make some more today. So I added about thirty new GU and Auto's to my site just now to trade. Mainly looking for things in my sig, but will look at lists as well. Thanks for looking and happy trading!

  2. Kronozio
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    I liked the Pacman Jones Auto and the Jay Cutler Senior Standout Jersey. LMK if I have anything you could use.

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    Detroitfan113: Here is a scan of the PacMan you asked for.

    detroitfan: I was really after the Payton in that deal, so I think I'm going to pass. But thanks for the offer.

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    I have a trade pending on the Payton, If it falls through, I'll lyk. Thanks!!


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    Looks cool. Anything from my on-site list that you might like for it? LMK

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