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    This is too exciting and I must share with you, ha!!

    Today I bought two boxes of 2006 bowman chrome..
    The 1st box:
    Joe Mauer Xfrator
    Wood's Xfractor auto.. it isn't too bad, at least I still have the other box to try my luck.. i want a gordon or upton..>O<

    The 2nd box:
    Kendry Morales Rc auto.. when I got this auto I was like "oh, no..I wanted a gordon or upton..><" my emotion went down right away thinking guess there isn't any luck for me today..

    Then, I finished to 2/3 of the box...@@
    Brandon Snyder Blue Ref auto.. What? 2 auto's box!!! Great!! At lease 2 autos are better than one!! ^^

    I came to the last pack and didn't really expect that I will get anything good.. Bang!! Who?! ALEX GORDON rc Auto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, MY GOODNESS!!!
    HOLY COW~~~3 Autos and 1 best auto from the set!!!!!!
    Sweet~~~~~~so exciting right now!!!! I think I should go buy a lotto today!! haha ^^

    other hits:
    Luis Cota Rc Ref
    Russ Rohlicek Rc Xfractor

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    good for you man, hell of a break. I could use the mauer I think I have some of the taiwanese players out of draft I can trade you for it.

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