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    Looking for Favre Stadium Club base cards

    Hey guys...I'm trying to do a display that features every Brett Favre base Stadium Club card made (1991-2002). I have the 91, the elusive 92, 94, 95, 98, 2000 and 2002. I need these:

    1993 (card #210)
    1996 (card #250)
    1997 (card #65)
    1999 (card #80)
    2001 (card #125)

    I'd like to get these all in one shot, but if I need to get them one at a time, I will. I'll happily trade rookies and inserts for them, at double or even triple BV. Ov course, if anyone has a spare 1991 or 1992 laying around, I'll very happily take them off your hands, lol. Jerseys and autos are fair game for those. Thanks.

  2. Kronozio
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    Bump this up...if someone were to have all of these, I could trade them a decent auto or jersey. I can also buy. LMK...

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    bump up for the morning crowd...

    I may have a deal in place for the 96, 97 and 99, but I still need the 93 and the 2001.

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    come on guys...please don't make me go the Ebay route for two common Favre cards that book $2 apeice.

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