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Thread: beckett value help

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    beckett value help

    I have a roethlisberger 2 clr prime patch /25 the bv. is 40 for the regular jersey what would be the multiplier since its multicolored patch

  2. Kronozio
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    I'm showing ...

    06 LCM GOLD Team Materials $20
    06 LCM GOLD Team Materials Prime BV N/A - This is the one I believe you have.

    The regular gold materials books $20, and there is no multiplier for those #'d/25 or less so really it's whatever value someone will give you for it. The other option would be to check the bay for completed sales and go from there.

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    the one i have is bv.40 so i put a 1.2 multiplier so i have it at around bv.50

    its not called prime patch.... so its not the team one... i found the right one.

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    I seen your other post with the pic, and am wondering which one is it that you have? The only LCM jersey card that I see that would match the picture is the GOLD Team Materials one. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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    nevermind ... you have the Mirror Gold Materials BV $40

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    yea and then i put a multiplier 1.2* so thats 48 but ill make it an even 50bv.

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