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Thread: UPDATED BUCKET. Check it out

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    UPDATED BUCKET. Check it out

    Check out my bucket and see if there is anything you like. Not really lookin for anything specific in return.

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    hey ive somehow acummalated some basketball cards through trade, opening some pack, and what have you, let me know if you are intrested in trading for them, id hope to get baseball, or maybe football out of it

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    i like the Ron Cey GU
    If you like original art I like to draw a little. I do commission work. Here's my art page:
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    also three desent cards in pick up at target, bought 7 packs and got these in basket ball the are from the topps full court, the main cards i got where the chrome rookie parreal, tyrus thomas numbered to 199, Renaldo Balkman numbered to 999 , and Andrea Bargnani numbered 999(to go along with the redemption i pulled last weekend. ill have scans of those cards up in a couple hours not to much into basket ball but these where some pretty cards

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    I like the Reggie Jackson and the Johnny Bench. LMK if ya like anything of mine. Also mildly interested in the Gonzo gu auto.

    Thanks, Eric

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    Jurgy-I didnt see anthing
    Izzy-I could trade for your Ordonez jersey
    Bagley-Nothin I need
    Grizzle- Id be interested in the Thomas and Bargnani

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    i need the Zimmerman Topps Auto

    lmk if u see anything for it!



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