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Thread: Trying to Make a Few Trades.

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    Trying to Make a Few Trades.

    Looking to make a few trade if I can. Please check out my site and let me know what you like.

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I like the Art Monk auto. Will it be for trade when it arrives? LMK. In the meantime, check my on-site list to see if I have anything you might be interested in.

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    That DeAngelo War Room Patch is pretty cool lookin bro, Like the Roy Williams Contenders, DeAngelo X-Fractor RC, SJ TOTC Auto, Chad johnson SPX RC Auto

    LMK what stuff you like of mine

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    I'm interested in your Chad Johnson SPX RC auto.lmk what we can do

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    Love your incoming Palmer patch. Will it be available when it arrives?

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    Westcost yeah it will possibly be for trade. Dillon46, Mikiefootball PM's coming. tkke05 possibly when I get it yeah it might be.

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    Cool. Care to take a look at my on-site list, and see if there might be anything you'd be interested in when it arrives?

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    That's cool. If you'd be interested in selling or something, LMK how much you might like for it.

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